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Monday, February 06, 2006

Evolution of an Amateur Photographer

Photo of my family at the Japanese gardens in Sydney. This photo was take with a 1 megapixel digital camera. As you can see, my skills wern't that good yet back then. The photos is fairly badly out of focus and the framing is pretty bad with the tree branches at the top.

Photo of Hong Kong from Victoria Peak. I still hadn't mastered the art of taking a photo at night yet so the picture was blurry. However, the improved 5 megapixel camera does give a fairly nice picture.

Cable car ride in Guang Zhou at Bai Yun Mountain. A nice shot with the sun setting at the right moment to give a nice glow. The framing of the photo could have had more of the beautiful sky and less of the dark hills that are hard to see anyway.

A shot of a traditional boat on a river in Gui Lin. A fairly good shot but the picture needs to be level a bit more.

A shot of a dragonfly resting on a flower. I love this shot because it is quite rare to see dragonflies in Victoria. If only I had a better camera and lens so I could zoom in even more and capture the eyes of it.

A shot of the Yarra River and building surrounding it. I love the colours in this picture, which was achieved by using a longer integration time. However, the framing isn't quite right, the river needs to be centred more in the picture I think.

As you see, I am definitely an amateur photographer. I'm learning how to take better photos but I don't think I'll win any awards. Anyway taking photo is lots of fun so I will continue to take more happy snaps, seeing as they are "free" anyway with a digital camera. If you have any nice photos you would like to share, get in touch with me via email and we can swap tips on taking photos.


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