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Monday, February 06, 2006

Hussey Hussey Hussey Oi Oi Oi

Mr Cricket himself, Michael Hussey has just won the Allan Border One Day Player of the Year. Its great to see such a talented and enthusiastic player such as Hussey getting the credit he derserves. Hussey is like a more powerful version of Michael Bevan. Whilst Bevan and Hussey both have the skill in guiding the team to a win by batting sensibly through the latter part of the innings, Hussey has much more strike power when required. If Australia had had the guts to play Hussey in England during the Ashes, who knows what might have happened. Hussey was playing so well in the one day series before the Ashes. However, as with any winning team, they tend to avoid change and keep the status quo until its too late. The loss of the Ashes has spurred the Aussies on and major changes have been made to the team, probably for the better. Hussey has now established himself as a top class player in both the test and one day side. By the time the next Ashes comes at the end of this year, Hussey should play an integral part this time. I can't wait to go to the Boxing day test match. I wanna see the Aussies kick some English butt again (no personal offence to any Englishmans, its just sport).


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