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Sunday, October 08, 2006

All Hacks Indoor Soccer Team Vol 905-908

All Hacks,

So yet another month has passed since the last unofficial newsletter. Since this season is going to be bloody long, the newsletters will be more a monthly thing. There's only so much good (or bad) material I can think up.

Firstly, a wrap up of the footy finals. In the AFL, the all interstate battle this year saw the Eagles beat the Swans in a thriller. I didn't really care who won but must say that the final was a great game worthy of a final between two teams who have had some great battles of the past two years. In the NRL, the Storm were unlucky. A possible bad call from the third umpire in regards to Kingy's try decided the match. The Broncos held tough and did enough to win.

In the first match, a once again depleted team saw Justin call on any reserves possible. Hence Irah and David (all the way from Hoppers Crossing) made it to the match. David showed his goal scoring ability when he slotted all four goals again M.C Players. The match ended in a 4-4 draw, but after last time's shafting regarding a goal that was given which really wasn't, a short word to the stadium management saw a goal deducted from M.C since they fielded a player with an incorrect uniform.

In the second match, a return from our overseas import Jeff added a lot to our team in the match against Notting Hill United. Straight from the bar, Jeff showed what some good beer can do for your kicking abilities, scoring two goals in the first half. A fashionably late Maal also showed what some good curry chicken can do, helping him exploded around the field and also scoring two goals. The highlight of this match though, would have to be seeing the Notting Hill guys yell at each other and self destructing. After one guy was being criticised by another for holding on to the ball too long, when the other guy got the ball, he said "so why don't you f**king do something with it now, pass the f***king ball and stop messing around with it". Hahaha with team mates like that, you don't need opponents to beat you.

Our third match against last seasons opponents F.C Bobby saw again the bare minimum five players turn up. The game was close the whole way, with the All Hacks as usual having a goal conversion rate comparable to the Telstra shares earnings dividends, low. Two penalities from Kheang did keep up in the match. As valiantly as we tried, we couldn't come up with a win or a draw to keep our non-losing streak going.

The fourth match against Dick Van Dykes saw a rareity in All Hacks play. Our mid week training session with Cam Mooney from Geelong didn't have the desired effect. Instead of playing with lots of courage, we instead played with lots of fouls. We conceded about 4-5 penalties from indescriminate tackles. I think nearly everyone in the team committed a penalty, myself included. So despite a great effort from Jeff in scoring three goals, we still lost 3-4. The setup of the first goal to Jeff from Justin A was one of the best passing plays all season. A fast outlet pass from defence to Justin A saw him do a quick turn around the pass the ball to the opposite side of the field to a running Jeff who didn't have to break stride and kicked a strong shot to beat the keeper.

To finish off, here is yet another YouTube video. This must be one of the best YouTube videos in terms of professional quality. It too the makers two years to make but the movie will probably never make it to release due to all the copyright issues, but luckily with the advent of YouTube, we can enjoy it.

You can also visit the official website to find out more about the movie and the making of it.
Fast Film



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