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Saturday, February 03, 2007

A Leopard Never Changes Its Spots

Today went so well, everything was going right and I was very happy all day. That was until I got a phone call. That phone call put a downer on the rest of my evening, so much so that I didn't even feel like eating dinner. The resultant problem all revolved around somebody omitting some truths. I had written a post about this previously.

From that post, if you read it, friend A was the one who cause all the problems. After that incident, friend B and I had clearer stated to friend A that they should never omit the truth again as it will cause lots of problems. Last time we gave friend A the benefit of the doubt and thought they wouldn't do it again. But I guess the saying of "A leopard never changes its spots" is not without merit. Generally, a personals behaviour will rarely change dramatically over their lifetime. Minor things can change, but in general, the over-riding aspects of their personality will stay the same.

This time Friend A caused more grief for myself and friend B again by omitting the truth. Once again, if they had told the truth earlier, the problem could have been solved earlier and not become as big as issue. This time, I will not be giving friend A any benefit of doubt after the previous incident. This recent incident will now make me very wary of anything that person says. I will always have to question whether it's the truth or just a partial truth. I don't know whether that person is doing it on purpose or is really that naiive in thinking that problems will go away if you just ignore it by omitting the truth. Problems rarely just go away by themselves, they just multiply into a huge monster.

Now that I have recovered from the shock of looking like a liar to another person due to facts that were omitted to me, I have started to look for solutions. It all should be fixable but will take more time, cutting time from my weekend that I want to relax over. What is the solution to this problem with this friend? How much more clearly can I tell them that this type of behaviour is causing a lot of problems for other people around them who have to mop up the mess.


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