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Monday, February 06, 2006

Memories Formatted

I had taken all these photos on my Nokia 6230 and was finally thought I should download them onto my computer so I could post some of them on this blog. Well I got the Multimedia Card Reader, plugged it into the computer and put the MMC card in. When I opened the drive, I found that there were no photos on it.

So what do I do, I pull the card out of the reader (mistake number 1). I stick the card back into the phone and scroll through the phone options to find that all the photos are stored on the phone internal memory. After searching around for a way to transfer the photos to the MMC card, I find that I have to transfer each photo invidually from the phone memory to the MMC card. So I start to transfer ALL the photos (mistake number 2). Instead of transferring one photo to see if it worked, I was so stupid to transfer all of them. After taking a painstaking half an hour to transfer everything, I stick the card back in the Reader again and guess what, all the photos are corrupted. I must have corrupted the card when I pulled it out of the Reader the first time without properly shutting down the usb.

All my photos, all my memories, erased in one sharp blow. The photos weren't artistic masterpieces or anything special, but they were instantaneous snapshots of my life. The good thing about a camera phone is that you can capture things that you normally wouldn't get since no one carries a camera with them all the time. There goes that rainbow picture, oh well, just have to photograph another one.

The only course of action was to FORMAT the card so that it was useable again. I've learnt my lesson and will have to be more careful next time. Why does technology sometimes have to turn around and bite you in the butt. At least I'll always have those memories in my head. No one can take that away, until I become senile in my old age.


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