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Saturday, April 29, 2006

All Hacks Indoor Soccer Team Vol 803 & 804

All Hacks,

Well last weeks mid week, post Easter, late night match was always going to test our team. Whether we could get a full side was a mystery as deep as whether there would be a token ethnic and gay person in Big Brother 06. Well, it turns out that both situations turned out in the affirmative. We managed to field a team of 6 with Masum making a low key comeback with full Terminator style knee brace. Khai also surprisingly came back despite thoughts that after he saw how well we played together, he might have decided to do a runner. But no, he has shown that he will be a dedicated member of the All Hacks team, through sickness (last years winless season) and in health (3 wins out of 4 so far). His true test will come if the All Hacks start losing (touch wood) and things aren't going well.

To the game itself, we did quite well with some brilliant solo goals from Kheang and a great strike from Masum. The match may have been closer except for some uncharacteristic Justin "Nerds FC" style goal keeping errors. After improving so much from his initial keeping style to now, watching Nerds FC must have rekindered Justin's memories and made him decide that he wanted to relieve some of his "younger years", while at the same time paying homage to the keeper on Nerds FC. With a couple goals fumbled through, we ended up losing the match 3-5.

The second game in our week long double header was a late night match. I enlisted the help of my friend Paul to help make up the numbers. A first up season appearance from Adrian insured we had a full team. We were all fired up and ready to go when we found out the other team didn't turn up. So we ended up playing a friendly match with the referees team.

The match wasn't taken too seriously and it showed on the scoreboard, with the score being 10-10. Most of the team got onto the goal sheet and had a nice light run. The match lacked the intensity of a normal match but still showed up our miscommunication in defence. We still have to be responsible for a man each in defence and mark him tightly. More talking is needed to let each other know who you are covering.

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