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Thursday, June 08, 2006

All Hacks Indoor Soccer Team Vol 809 & 810

All Hacks,

Our first match against D.J United was always going to be a big assignment, big in terms of our opponents waistlines. The D.J crew looked liked they had all just stepped out of a Gut Busters seminar and we were looking like beers that they were ready to knock off.

D.J actually got the jump (or should that be walk) on us and their slow movement created an optical illusion that we just side stepped away from. This allowed them to the two opening goals. They kept the lead through much of the match but as we all told ourselves during half time, they're bound to tire and we will then be able to run rings around them. This turned out to be the case where by the end of the first half, D.J were showing signs that their low carbohydrate diet high protein diet fuel bodies were losing steam fast.

In the second half, we totally took control and passed and moved around them as pleased. We got ahead 4-2 and started to relax. A great throw from the D.J keeper resulted in a quick goal which got us into panic mode again. Too many games this season have resulted in close loses in the dying seconds. However, this time was not to be one of them as time was our friend this time and the clock wound down to result in a win.

Our second match was against the Golden Greeks. As is the case with late weekday matches, there was a fear once again that we wouldn't have a full team. This was to be the case when the match started with only Maal, Anisha, Justin and myself starting. I was also sick with a cold and was not going to run too much. The Greeks took advantage of our lack in numbers and put away two goals before we Justin even got to warm up. Justin's feet were so heavy you would have thought that the mafia had gotten to him with their world famous patented Cement mixture. However, our saviour arrived with his bald head and all. Masum's arrival resulted in lifted spirits and a transformation not seen since Extreme Makeover. A rejuvenated All Hacks team started to play such controlled fluent football that you would have been excused to think that we were playing in Division 1.

The passing was so crisp and we held possession so well that we had the Greeks chasing all over the field. The clean passes resulted in many goals being scored through assist passes. We piled on so many quick goals that by half time we had turned a 0-2 deficit into a 6-2 advantage. The killing of the lambs continued in the second half so that we had enough meat for 5 Greek lamb spits. Such was the goal feast that even Justin wanted in on the action. However, his pleas of an interchange so that he could get on was ignored since he had to pay for his sins of missing some very easy shots. Finally the match ended with our best win this season 10-4. Everyone who was on the field scored a goal, except Justin of course who couldn't conjure up a miraculous goal from his goal square.

Although we have been moved up into the 4/5 division, we're holding our own pretty well in this league. More great passing plays like what we did against the Greeks will surely see us into the finals and vie for our second All Hacks premiership. Its been a long time between drinks, so lets make this one count.

As World Cup is coming up very soon, in case you haven't bought your official SBS guide like Justin, I've attached a World Cup time schedule for SBS courtesy of Justin A.

Also to get you into the goal scoring mood, here are some great goals. Too bad they were all own goals because the back heel mid air flick one is truly unbelievable. The song is also quite catchy.



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