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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Oscars 2007

Well, after all the hype as usual, the Oscars have come and gone for another year. I find the Oscars more and more boring each year. Films that are blockbuster hits rarely get a mention. Instead all these crtically acclaimed films that I have never heard of, would never want to watch, or aren't even in Australia after showing for 6 months in America, are nominated.

The Oscars are suppose to be the culmination of a year of cinema, being the pick of the bunch of all the awards. However, it lacks the fun needed for an awards show. Music award shows are great because there are heaps of musical performances. The artists are usually very individual and do crazy things and wear crazy clothes. Even at the Golden Globes, since television shows are included, you actually get to see awards for things you have seen and can say "Yeah I agree with that decision" or "That's a total rip off". But the Oscars is so safe and boring. All the guests turn up immaculately dressed. "So who are you wearing today Bjork." "A dead swan". Now there was an individual. No Armani, Versace or Dior for Bjork. Only dead feathers could show her individuality.

This year, I turned off watching at about the half way mark. I tried to keep watching but was just so bored. Ellen Dengeneres wasn't that good as a host. She wasn't very funny, and I was really trying to see the funny side to things she said. I couldn't really care who won the big awards. Knowing who wins already didn't help, but it was just that the show overall was so slow and boring.

If the Oscars are to become interesting, they need to jazz it up somehow and maybe drop some of the awards from the telecast to speed it up. Give some of the other awards out a day before like the scientific achievement awards. I know the little guys should get recognition too, but its so boring to listen to a hundred acceptance speeches. Most speeches are so bad anyway. Only some people are genuinely touching and you give a damm about.

Another way to make the Oscars even more important and interesting is to drop most of the other awards leading up to it. By the time we get round to the Oscars, we have already seen so many other similar awards with the same actors answering the same questions and the same people winning. You can already guess who will win. If it was more of a surprise and there were no lead up awards, then everyone will really not know what's coming.

So my summation of the Oscars 2007, who won what? I hadn't seen any of the nominated films for best movie and don't plan on seeing them either. I'll just switch on in future to see how much surgery the actors have had.


Blogger afrobev said...

I do actually agree with you about the Oscars being boring nowadays and I would probably sooner have a Steve Martin or a Billy Crystal present them aswell.

Can't complain about good ol' Dame Helen Mirren getting her gong for her role as The Queen though. Very well deserved methinks. Fabulous actress.

2/28/2007 6:57 AM  
Blogger thanh7580 said...

Billy Crystal is definitely a hilarious host. His song and dance at the start of each award was the highlight for me.

I would agree with you about Helen Mirren if I had seen the movie, but I haven't so can't comment.

2/28/2007 6:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And for those who cares, "The Departed" was NOT adapted from a Japanese movie, as they claimed in the Oscar!

2/28/2007 6:58 PM  
Blogger thanh7580 said...

Anonymous, I think The Departed was based off the Hong Kong "Infernal Affairs" film wasn't it? Or am I thinking of another film.

3/01/2007 8:14 PM  

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