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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Heroes - The Lost Effect

Lately, my new favourite show is Heroes. I love science fiction so I would have watched it regardless. But, the premise of the show also has potential. I like the way they have set up all the characters with their unique powers and how they are all linked.

However, having said all that, its five episodes into the series so far in Australia and I'm starting to get frustrated. This show is doing what I now call the "Lost Effect". In the past, my other favourite show was Lost. You can read about my review on it ages ago here. With Lost, you can watch and watch and despite each episode seemingly giving you a bit more information, after three seasons, I still have no idea what is exactly happening. I've gotten more flashbacks of the survivors, but that has definitely becoming boring now. What I really want to know is who are these "others" and what they want. I now know that there used to be a scientific research department on the island but how are the others linked to this?

Anyway, I digress as usual, back to Heroes. Something better start happening on Heroes soon or I might stop watching it. Well, I probably won't stop watching, but it won't be must see tv anymore. I gave the show the benefit of the doubt in the first few weeks in that they needed to set up characters, but its continued too long and is just drifting along. Nothing happens during each episode. The writers give you so little that its really frustrating, much like Lost. When will things start coming together and the story start to take shape.

The recent success again of serial tv shows such as Lost, Desperate Housewives and Prison Break means that people are willing to watch a major story arc. But Heroes better start to deliver. Despite the promise of the major story arc, they still need to give the viewer some pay off each episode or we will start to lose patience. Desperate Housewives is probably the best example of this. They have a major story line in each season, but the sides stories in each episode is so clever as well.

I cross my fingers and hope something happens on Heroes soon. It would be a shame if the series gets taken off air due to dwindling viewers. There isn't enough sci fi on tv as it is, so losing another show would be very bad for this sci fi loving viewer.


Blogger BEVIS said...

Hey, dude. Interesting to read another person's (differing) opinion on these shows. I can respect that. You already know my stance on the topic of Heroes vs Lost from visiting my TV blog earlier today, so I won't get into that here.

I guess it all depends on whether the shows' producers are willing to string it out for continued ratings over a longer period of time or if/when they know they have to draw things to a close and provide us with some answers.

Personally, in regards to Lost, I'm happy to be strung along for a while yet because I have full confidence that the four seasons originally plotted out by the creators when they wrote the pilot (as explained in the season one DVD special features) will have a logical and/or satisfying resolution at the end. And even if they don't, it was a hell of a ride!

It's viewer patience vs (potential) producer greed ... and I hope the quality of the show will mean the loyal viewers will ultimately be rewarded for sticking with it. (Not that it's a chore at all - I think it's simply fantastic!)

But thanks for popping in and I hope to hear from you again!

3/03/2007 12:52 AM  
Blogger thanh7580 said...

I hope in the case of Lost that there is a satisfying reward at the end of it all. I would be mighty disappointed if there isn't a logical conclusion. Lost has been good but there have been moments when my interest started to wane. However, each time there was another intriguing plot to hook me back in. But I can only be hooked so many times before ultimately wanting some answers.

With Heroes, I wonder what would happen if they save the world after this first season. You can actually top saving in the world in the next season. What else could they do. Also now that they all know their powers and each other, where would the story go? Would they become sort of like the X-Men and live in some sort of gifted institute and go around helping people?

I will definitely be reading your blog from now and going through the archives as well.

3/03/2007 2:37 PM  

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