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Monday, May 07, 2007

Seminar, Sickness and Sleep 2

Something weird happens whenever I attend training for work. I get sick. Like I had written in my previous post Seminar, Sickness and Sleep, again I was sick last week when I had to attend another seminar.

From my training sessions so far this year, I have only felt well at one of them. When I went to the Matlab training, I had a massive headache during the first of two days. At the Project Management training, I had the worse cold and couldn't breathe on the first day so didn't feel like participating. I was also very tired and just wanted to sleep. The second day, I still had the cold but at least a good nights sleep meant my head was clearer. The only training session where I was well was at the Six Hats training, and I slept in and was late to that.

I guess the solution is quite obvious, get a good nights sleep. Somehow though, every time I am supposed to go to training, I don't sleep well. I'm not worried about the actual training, its more the waking up early and having to get to the city on time. It's this worry that actually makes me not sleep well.

This current Matlab seminar was probably the worse. Even before I went into the room, I was already not well. I passed up on Apricot Danishes that were there before the seminar started. I love food, especially sweet stuff so this was amazing. As the seminar started, it just got worse and worse and I had to keep drinking water to stay awake.

At morning tea break, I again passed up on Chocolate Muffins. My goodness I was really unwell. I literally feel asleep on a chair during the break, and my work mate had to wake me up to go back in.

Finally the session finished at lunch and again I passed up on a free lunch. I felt like vomitting and rushed to the toilet just in case. After some dry vomitting, I rushed to the car to drive myself home. I couldn't go back to work as I was really unwell. Four hours of sleep upon arriving home and I was so much better.

I need to trick my mind next time I have training to think that its just a normal day. Otherwise, I think I will be sick again and not have enough concentration to make full use of my training.


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