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Thursday, February 09, 2006

And the Award Goes To......

Just for a bit of fun, I thought I would do an award type thing as a way of introducing some of my friends at work.

And the "I'm not at my desk, leave a message award" goes to.... Tin (below left), with second place going to Thanh (yes another Thanh, below right). Tin can normally be found in the electronics surfing for Real Estate. He's a very rich man. Thanh can be found running around between his desk, the factory or the store. P.S. Spot any similarities between the two of them?

And the "Late stayer award" goes to.... Jessie (below left), with second place going to Emmanuel (below right). Jessie and Emmanuel both regularly stay well past 5:30pm and sometimes past 6pm. However, Jessie spends her extra time at work doing "research on the net" while waiting for her brother to finish school, whilst Emmanuel gets into work somewhere between 9:30-10am.

And the "Best Desk Award" goes to.... Hien (below left), closely followed in second place by Esther. Note how many tools (*cough* *junk*) Hien and Esther have at their desk. You always find some wonderful thing lying around on their desk. Note1, purple is Hien's favourite colour as you can see from her head to toe purple outfil. Note2, don't get too close to Esther's stuff or she gives you the evil eye as in the photo.

And the "Fitness Award" goes to.....

Tawfeeq (below left), with Tafazal (below right) coming in second. Tawfeeq goes to the gym religiously each lunch time while Tafazal is a more casual believer and attends the gym some days only.

And the "Lunch award" goes to.....

Jeffrey (below left), with Wei (belwo right) following in a distant second. Jeffrey's lunches are so extravagent that no one can match him. He has about a 5 course meal for lunch, with a variety of foods in his compartment lunch box, soup and dessert of fruit usually. Throw in a coffee and there you have a great lunch. Wei got the award for totally different reasons. Each day you will find Wei eating either her Chinese pork buns, her Vietnamese pork buns or her instant noodles.

And the "Postman award" goes to.....

Mark (picture to be added). Mark never goes anywhere without his postman bag over his shoulders. He is always immaculately dressed in his suits with a bright shirt and tie, and then across his shoulders is a blue postman like bag.

And the "Come into my shed so we can talk award" goes to.... Trung (picture to be added). Trung works primarily in a testing facility comprised of a shed with PCs and lots of our fire products. He is located on the other side of the car park so its a bit of a walk to visit him, henc you need to go inside the shed and sit down for a while to recover.

And the "Quiet achiever award (a.k.a the Loch Ness award)" goes to.....

John (below). John goes about his work quietly, efficiently and without too much fuss. He is occasionally spotted (much like Loch Ness) around the building, but no one can confirm for sure. Here is a rare snap that I have captured. Questions over the authenticity of the picture are just pure rubbish. All those doubters who disclaim my findings just want to sell their pictures to the magazines.

And last but not least, the "Hard worker award" goes to..... Me (below). I'm working so hard that I didn't even have time to take a photo of myself. Instead, there is only a photo from my point of view of all the work desk that lay ahead of me, physically and metaphorically. Also from the number of emails I send out each day, I must be working very hard to pass on all the information that I have researched. Hehehe


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