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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Brazil vs Croatia

Brazil came into the World Cup as red hot favourites. However, their form in the first match against Croatia has not been so decisive. They still won but it wasn't what the world has come to expect from the Brazilians. I guess it's a matter of becoming so good that there are such high expectations each time you step out to play.

Croatia played very well and had many chances of their own. This will give the Socceroos heart that they too may be able to stay close to Brazil and give a good showing. A loss from the Socceroos against Brazil is not disasterous. As long as they don't lose really badly, the match against Croatia should determine who gets through from Group F.

Despite Brazil not playing great, the difference in the match was that the individual brilliance of Kaka was enough to put in one goal while Croatia was unable to make the most of their opportunities. Craig Foster, the ex Australian player and commentator had done a pre match analysis and was saying how this tournament should be Kaka's time to shine. Out of the "Big Four" of Brazil in Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Adriano and Kaka, Foster said that Kaka's lead up form was the best and he may end up being the deciding factor in helping Brazil win the Cup. Having said that, Ronaldinho is still the world's best player and will still have a good tournament. Adriano's form hasn't been so great but is still of a high standard. And Ronaldo, well what can I say. To put it kindly, he doesn't look to be as good as what he used to be. During the game, all his attacking moves lacked any venom. He lacked any drive and sharpness in his moves, which could be due to the excess wait he is carrying. Brazil may end up using Ronaldo as an impact player as his goal instincts will still be there, just not his fitness.

Hopefully Brazil will produce their best and show the world what they can do. However, I hope another team provides a close contest and maybe even win. It's all too predictable when one team dominates too much. A bit of variety will always make things interesting.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

All I can say re: Ronaldo is that he was the last brazilian to shuffle onto the field after half-time, which is not indicative of brimming enthusiasm. Anyway, I think that Ronaldinio, Roberto Carlos, Lucio and Robhinio were the only ones to really turn it on and if Aus can nullify three out of those four, they stand a good chance of a draw.

6/15/2006 11:36 AM  
Blogger thanh7580 said...

If Brazil play at the same level as what they did against Croatia, Australia definitely will have a chance to force a draw.

6/15/2006 8:47 PM  

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