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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A Random Post, Just Because I Felt Like It

I usually don't write posts that are scattered all over the place without a particular topic, but I just felt like writing one of those tonight. I was initially going to do a video blog but it's getting late and it takes a while to film the video, compress it, upload it to YouTube and then post it into the blog. I think I will do that tomorrow instead.

The weeks are flying by faster and faster. Work is quite good, our team is under pressure working towards a December presentation. I'm looking forward to December despite the presentation because I can't wait to go on my holiday. There's still some planning to do, such as buying interconnecting air tickets, booking hotels and deciding on where to go and what to do. You may have read how my friend and I got into that car accident just after paying for the plane tickets, I hope that isn't a sign about the trip.

I just bought a new beautiful Sony X Series 40 inch LCD TV. Its a proper high definition TV, which means it can produce 1920 x 1080 lines. In Australia, high definition has a minimum requirement of only 576 lines, which isn't really high definition in most countries. This image can be interlaced (meaning that only half the lines are broadcast in one frame, and then the other half in the next frame) which gives a slightly blurred look, or progressive (all lines are broadcast in one frame). The other formats of digital channels in Australia are 720 progressive and 1080 interlaced. Proper high definition is 1080 lines, and I can tell you, its beautiful. You can really see the difference between the various signals on a large TV. The wide screen is also great for movies and sports. You see so much more of the action.

Of course if you get a proper high definition TV, you need to get a hard disk drive recorder with dvd burner right? Right! So that's what I got as well. Now I can record shows in proper high definition and watch them in all their glory when I want and skip through all the commercials. I still haven't worked out the best way to connect the hard disk recorder so that I can get a digital signal without having the TV on since the digital tuner is in the TV.

I've been so busy lately with my secret project that everything feels so rushed. I haven't had my usual time to sit down and read everyone's blogs each day. I also only skim through the newspaper now rather than reading a lot of articles thoroughly. Hence I haven't read up on any interesting topics to discuss. I did see one article about a woman who has become a real life millionaire from playing the online game Second Life. Can you imagine that? Becoming a millionaire from playing games, and virutal games too. She owns a lot of property in that game and some other players actually pay her real money to exchange some of that virtual property. The exchange rate is US$1 for $270 Lindon dollars, Lindon being the company who made the game. Why you would want to pay real money for fake property is beyond me. But maybe that virtual property will end up being an exchangeable commodity in future, who knows. It just shows you that you can make money in anything, as long as you are one of the early adopters. Early users of blogs are the most successful and the ones making money. Once the market becomes saturated, its so much harder to crack it big and make significant impact.

Anyway, I think thats it for now for my random thoughts. Anyone have any random thoughts to add?


Blogger afrobev said...

I reckon its good to have these random moments. It's good that you can just sit and write what you feel like writing. That's what it's all about.

11/29/2006 12:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah these random moments are perfect examples of time wasted by Do. Instead he could have used that time to work on his Gotek empire.

Another thought I can add.


1/31/2008 9:28 AM  
Anonymous Oblivion said...

"I usually don't write posts that are scattered all over the place without a particular topic"

Another false statement. Random and scattered makes up 90% of this entire bog..Opps i meant 'blog'.

10/09/2008 4:34 PM  

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