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Monday, December 18, 2006

Kylie Showgirl Homecoming Tour

Like Kae from Somewhere only we know, I also went to Kylie's (she only needs to go by her first name nowadays) Showgirl Homecoming Tour. I originally had tickets for her original tour in 2005 on the day that was supposed to be her birthday. We all know the story of how she got cancer and recovered from it. This is her rescheduled tour, which she promised would be different to the original tour and even better.

It was definitely an excellent concert and in my opinion even better than the original concert which I have watched on DVD. The set list was different, the costumes were different, the choreography was different and Kylie was different. Where her original concerts were extremely well rehearsed and ran flawlessly without deviation, Kylie was much more human in this one and talked naturally with the crowd many times. She was also very funny and there were many jokes between herself and the crowd. She was great when she got a little girl up on stage who was wearing a "I Love Kylie" t-shirt. She then encouraged the little girl and they sang an impromptu version of "Can't Get You Out Of My Head".

As far as the music goes, I must say that Kylie can definitely sing. I always thought that she could, but until you hear people live for yourself, you never truly know. Her voice has improved over the years to the stage where when she sang "Over The Rainbow", I got goosebumps on my arms.

I liked all the songs that she sang. My favourite parts were when she did the 80's pop songs that made her so famous. For a while, it was uncool to like Kylie, but people have gone full circle and have embraced Kylie for the pop icon that she is. Kylie herself has also embraced that side of her career as well.

My second favourite part was when she did her more critically acclaimed songs that not many people knew. I loved her new rendition of "Confide In Me" with the Bollywood dancing and Indian instruments thrown in. One of my favourite Kylie songs is "Cowboy Style", which was again performed differently to the original version. She rounded off that section of the set with "Dreams", a great song that I think she wrote herself.

There were many other highlights from the concert, such as when she performed "Kids" with Dannii Minogue. The crowd were screaming and singing with it the whole time. When Kylie did "Can't Get You Out Of My Head" with this reworked version, everyone was bopping around. That song ended with these giant butterfly type wings going up and green lasers going around everywhere, very spectacular indeed. The night also ended on a high with Kylie doing a duet with the crowd of "Especially For You".

It was a fantastic night and the crowd were cheering like crazy, right from the standing ovation at the start before "Better The Devil You Know" till after the very last song of "Love At First Sight" and Kylie leaving the stage. Even the guy standing in front of me with his arms folded for most of the night got into it and danced a bit when Kylie did her pop songs. The atmosphere in the crowd was electric and there was a constant buzz the whole time. I clapped and yelled so much that my hands hurted and my voice was getting very strained. The concert was well worth the long wait and I'm glad I held on to my ticket.

I didn't manage to get any photos since the ticket said no cameras but some people still brought them in. My phone ran out of battery so I couldn't even use my phone camera. Anyway, Kylie looked great and here's a pic of what she would have looked like from another one of her Aussie concerts.


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