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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Push One Step, Take One Step

Lately, work has been extremely busy since our group is preparing for a presentation at the end of the coming week. With the imminent deadline approaching quickly, we are all trying to work as fast as possible to complete all tasks. This means everyone is very stressed and highly strung. It doesn't help when others outside of our group do not do their jobs so that we can do ours. Some situations during the week were so bad that there were a few explosions from people.

There are a few types of working people in this world. There are those who love their job and even think about work at home. This is a rareity. There are those who like their job, enjoy going to work most of the time but enjoy not working and doing other things even more. I fall into this category. There are those who don't necessarily like their job but will work and do everything necessary in their jobs. Then there are those who don't give a hoot about their jobs and will only do anything when pushed. You push one step, they take one step and no more.

I know of a few individuals like that and they piss me off so much. Sometimes I wished Australian working culture was different and the boss would just fire those people since they are just pulling everyone else down. If you are paid to do a job, even if you hate it, you should do it properly. Otherwise you can always quit and go work elsewhere.

I'm an extremely patient person but sometimes even I snap and can't take it anymore. When your own job is complicated ten folds by someone else not doing their job, its just not on. This week, others in my group experienced similar frustration when they had to work with some people that I have to work with normally.

If people's actions don't affect me, I couldn't be bothered worrying about it. But when it does affect me, it makes me so mad. When you bring it up to some people directly, they just can't handle it and take it as a personal attack. It definitely isn't personal to begin with, but over time may turn to being personal since your words are not heard and the situation never changes. A leopard doesn't change its spot. I've found that this is generally true. There may be changes in the short term, but in the long term, it always goes back to the same things. Nowadays, even the sight of some people make me so angry. I know that they are affecting my work so that I cannot do my job to the standard that I want without having to put in more hours and effort. This is taking away from my own free time and hence it makes me mad. I can't be bothered even talking to these people unless I have to. Even then I try to keep it to a minimum. They have lost my respect totally, and when I don't respect people, I do not want to interact with them.


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