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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Tell Your Own Story

In a follow up to my post about human beings being social animals and needing to feel connected, I came across this response by Derek Powazek to a reader question.

The question is

"I was wondering if you have ever regretted your transparency on the web. Has it worked as a negative or positive influence?"

Derek's response is insightful and sums up how we all see the world through our own eyes. Sharing our own stories helps to connect us with others who may be able to sympathise or empathise. The internet has given us a much wider audience, and although the connections may be virtual, the feelings aren't, they're real. There will always still be stories that you only feel secure in sharing with people close to you but otherwise, the web is full of similar people who can connect with you over a similar experience.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh boy, another pointless article.

The question should be:

Fat Do, have you ever regretted your transparency at the ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT? Has it worked as a negative or positive influence for your oversized waist.

2/20/2008 5:05 PM  

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