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Monday, November 19, 2007

Bar and Club Hopping - Asian Style

Just like C grade celebrities like to name drop A grade celebrities that they are supposedly friends with, Asians love to name drop so called bars and clubs where they have "VIP" entrance. They supposedly "know a friend of a friend who can get us all on the VIP list". What exactly does that entail us? The answer is not much. You don't get a discount price upon entry into the club, a reserved table, or even a free drink. You just get to get in, which I guess is already a bonus.

Last week, I went on a drinking session with some friends. Instead of just going to a bar where we could watch some sport and drink our beer, the organisers decided it was a good idea to go to a new place every hour. Each of these places were supposedly "hip" and they knew someone who could get us in. There were even unspoken competitions between people about who could get into what.

A lot of good that all did. We just ended up going from place to place aimlessly where the bouncers get to play their power trip games and refuse us entry. What's worse, one friend couldn't lose face so after being refused entry the first time and going someplace else, he said we should go back as it was probably quieter and we could get in. Well, again we couldn't get in. The look on his face was priceless.

I don't get why people try to make it sound like they're so popular and know everyone and can get into all these clubs. Why can't people just go to a normal bar where they don't charge you a stupid fee to get in and then also rip you off on drinks. What's up with Asians and this supposed need to be on the VIP list of these clubs and bars. Does it actually increase your social status at all? It just seems like you're a whore who tries to get to know as many people superficially as possible to get on these lists. A totally pointless activity I reckon, but that's just my opinion.


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