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Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Dangers of The Internet

We all know about the dangers of the internet and how anonymity offers the bad guys a lot of protection. However, I just read a story that is so strange you would think it was a work of fiction. It is real and details how people can be manipulated by some sickos out there in cyberspace. And the sickos are necessarily old men trying to lure young children. This story is a must read to remind us all how many dangers there are out there.

This excert from the article is very insightful I think. It best sums up the moral of the story.

We spend much of our lives alone. Some cope with it better than others. The ones who don’t are primed and ready for victimhood. You have to learn to be with yourself, because if you don’t, there’s a whole world of drugs, booze and rotten people who will be your friend until you’ve been sucked dry. Beware of what loneliness makes you do.

Here's the link to the story, The Life and Death of Jesse James.


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