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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Dice Stacking

I love watching my Chinese gambling movies, all those God of Gambler films. In those films you inevitably see one game where they use dice. One guy will roll all ones for example, so how can the other guy roll a lower number, by stacking all the dices so its like he only rolled one one.

I must confess that I have given dice stacking a go after seeing those movies years ago. I have a badly scratched dining table to prove it. I can manage to stack four dices and in the process wreck quite a few of those coconut juice/meat plastic cups. However, there's always some people who can do some things so well.

I read from Jeff's blog about some videos on Youtube (what would we do to waste the time at work without Youtube) about dice stacking. These people take dice stacking to the extreme. The skills are unbelievable. Watch for yourself. I always thought the stuff in movies were done with cameras, but you can really do it for real.

The guy from the first two videos also does cup stacking and yo yos. He's interviewed on a TV show. I can't understand a word of whatever language they are saying but you still can get the drift of the interview.

And one more video from another person, also equally skillful at dice stacking.

Ok this next video is not dice stacking but cup stacking. Equally amazing how much practice people can put in and become so good at something. This kid is actually faster than the world record but like all world record, you need to do it in competition.

Here's the world record holder, but hers is hand timed so I don't know about the accuracy. That was when the "sport" was in its infancy and they didn't have those pressure mats yet I guess. I remember hearing about her at the time a year or two ago.


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