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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Week's Roundup

I rarely do this but just thought I would do a roundup of sorts of this week and maybe a bit of last week too.

* I'm still on the job hunt, but keep that hush hush between us. It's no military secret as I've told many people at work but just not officially yet. I haven't found anything yet. As soon as I get my butt off my chair and start searching, I'm sure things will start popping up. I'm letting friends know at least so if they hear anything, they can let me know.

* Our company is moving building, so I will have to start looking for the best way to get to work now. It's in the total opposite direction and early indications are that it will take longer to get to work. Just great, more frustration in the morning and less sleep. Another reason to possibly switch jobs I guess.

* I've also been doing my tax and it looks like I might have to pay even more tax. I hate tax. Isn't the Government suppose to be reducing tax rates so that I can keep more of my money.

* I'm going to be going skiing this Friday - Sunday. I'm really looking forward to it. It should be heaps of fun, albeit expensive as well.

* There's quite a bit to watch on TV recently. I admit that I love Australian Idol. I love singing and karaoke so I really like watching others sing too. This years ecletic mix of artists means I'm being exposed to many new music artists. I currently love "Mad World" by Gary Jules. I always liked that song when I watched Donnie Darko, just didn't know who the artist was. The Tears for Fears version of the song is also starting to grow on me.

There's also a heap of sports on currently. The footy is heading into the finals stage. Finally my team Hawthorn is going to make the finals so this year I will be even more interested. The US Open tennis is currently on. I'm following that through the Internet currently but they will start broadcasting it on TV from the quarter finals. The IAAF Atheletics Championship have been on. It's been great watching that as there isn't much atheletics on TV here in Oz. The Rugby World Cup is about to start. I'm very excited about that and hope the Wallabies will do well.

* I went to a friends birthday drinks on Friday. I can't believe how fast time flies since I hadn't seen him in like 5 months before he went off overseas for holiday. Heard some extremely juicy gossip (supposedly fact) as well during drinks that I can't repeat.

* I'm gaining heaps of weight since I haven't been running because of the cold weather. I've also been eating too much of the desserts that I have been making. Check out some of them on my food blog. Also The Age Good Food Guide is out and I went and got a copy. There's so many restaurants that I want to go and try now.

I think thats all I can think of for now. I must do a video blog soon. Haven't done that in ages. I just don't have time. So many things to do, so little time.

Happy Father's Day to my dad and all other dads out there.


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