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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Footy - Hawks vs Bulldogs

With the Hawks doing unexpectedly well this year, I was back on the Hawthorn bandwagon again. I go to games when they win and stay home when they are losing. Anyway, with our slightly altered student IDs, we went to the match at Telstra Dome. Hey, I get way overcharged for food already, why should I pay them any more than I can get away with.

Firstly, just a comment on Telstra Dome. When it was first built, people were saying how crap it was and how many problems there was with the surface and that it won't work. All I can say is that those people now have egg on their face. The Dome is a world class stadium that holds heaps of world class events. Having the retractable roof is just beautiful when the weather isn't so great. I know that although the G has all those years of history and character, I actually prefer going to the Dome. The view from all seats in the Dome is great. We got given generally reserved seats right behind the goals, so were right in the mix of things. The access to toilets, food outlets and general access around the ground at the Dome is so easy, much better than the G.

To the game at hand, it was close for a half, but then the Hawks just powered away. There were so many goals, and we saw quite a few of them from a close vantage point. I even caught the ball after one of the goals. Ok I dropped the chest mark, but I did jump up and go for it and it came straight to me.

It was a fun day out and the Hawks are now marching towards the finals looking good. If only Buddy can kick straight now. Fortunately, the side kick goal kickers in Roughead, Dixon and Hodge kicked accurately.


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