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Saturday, July 28, 2007

YouTube Music Video Mash Ups

Everyone so often, I would just log onto Youtube and just get seriously hooked. There is so much good stuff, both from professionals and amateurs. There are snippets of clips that you may have always wanted to find, or something is bugging you about an ad and you can look it up. It is endless the amount of things you can find. Recently I was watching all the slam dunk competitions from the NBA all star competition each year.

Today, I was just looking up a Destiny's Child video "Say My Name" after I had read an article about Kelly Rowlands from Destiny's Child. In the article, the writer mentioned that two members of Destiny's Child had been replace in the music video. I just wanted to check it out. From a Destiny's Child search, I found the video I was looking for, but then I also found this great mash up of their Say My Name song with Britney's Toxic song.

This then led to other mash up videos by the same guy, such as this Justin Timberlake song.

This then led to other links involving Justin Timberlake, like this whole video that was done by someone using The Sims video game.

This then led to a video mash up between Justin Timberlake and Aaliyah dancing.

This then led to a link of a vocal battle mash up of Aaliyah versus Ciara.

Anyway I think you are getting the point. It keeps going on and on and there is so much good stuff. Some of the vides are of great quality and must take a lot of time and effort from the creators, with no financial pay off for them. They are just doing for the enjoyment and to pay tribute to their favourite stars. I applaud all those people and hope they keep churning out interesting stuff for us viewers, sometimes stuff that is more entertaining that from the professionals.

Edit: Just a couple more clips.

These notes will crack glass.

The mini divas of the 90s. I remember listening to all these songs growing up.
The undisputed queen of pop in the 90s, Mariah Carey.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Once again Mr.Do can't hide is jealously. He wants his blog to overtake Youtube as the number one website.

Good luck to THEE!!!

7/29/2007 5:54 PM  
Blogger thanh7580 said...

One day, this blog will take over Youtube....NOT. If I wanted to take over Youtube, I wouldn't mention them would I?

7/31/2007 8:33 PM  

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