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Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Chaser's War on APEC

I only sometimes watch The Chaser's War on Everything as I find that only some of their segments are funny, whereas other segments are just too try hard. I have to give them credit though for this APEC stunt. Just the nerve to try it deserves applaud. The APEC summit represents probably the largest gathering of world leaders in Australia ever, and here are the Chaser team gate crashing it.

There was so much hype and talk beforehand of how $160 million has been spent on security and no terrorists would even get close. Well maybe terrorists didn't get close, but a TV show with cameras sure did.

Having just watched the show, it was ridiculous how simple they got in. It's worse than a night club. Even at night clubs they ask for ID from people. All it took here was to drive some cars straight in, with their dodgy flag and security passes that said "Joke" and "Insecurity".

This whole stunt just demonstrated how the best security is dependent on the weakest link. If one guard doesn't do his job and lets someone through that may be carrying say a bomb, all the defence in the world is no use.

The other thing that this stunt showed is that when you are confident enough, you can trick people into believing anything. I mean thats how con artist get away with things. With the correct appearance and actions, you can get away with a lot of things. It just shows how prone we all are to authority and that you don't question things just because you feel you should act a certain way when dealing with people who supposedly have more power than you.

I hope the Government is thankful to the Chaser team for showing them the flaw in their security rather than trying to prosecute them.


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