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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Kheang and Leanne's Wedding

Congratulations to Kheang and Leanne on their wedding this past Saturday. I have know Kheang since high school and have gone through many adventures with him. It was great to see him so happy at his wedding. In fact, rumours are from some astute observers that there was even a few tears from him when he was reading his vows.

The wedding was held at one of the lakes in the Botanical Gardens. It was a really beautiful setting, with the green grass, lake behind and a bright sunny day. If anything, it was a bit too bright, getting really hot. And there were so many flies that people were waving their arms all day.

The wedding was, as is most Asian weddings, fashionably behind schedule time wise. The groom and his men were already about 20 minutes late, arriving on foot from behind the lake, all looking extremely smart. But the bride always hold centre stage at every wedding. Leanne arrived in a black classic Bentley. The bridesmaid walked down the red carpet first, and then the bride followed in father escorting her.

A string quartet played live music to accompany the ceremony.

The ceremony was then performed by a marriage celebrant. She read the happy couples story and the bridesmaids then proceeded to read poems. The exchange of vows and rings were made, with tears all round. Finally, the marriage certificates were signed and witnessed.

Photos were then taken with everyone. And there you have it, another married friend who has lost half his pay check and freedom hahaha. Just joking. I wish Kheang and Leanne all the best together.


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