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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Death of a Faithful Servant

My servant had been serving me very well for about 5 years now. I had bought him at a market place for a cheap price and he had been a very faithful servant. Today when I asked him to do something, he suddenly refused for the first time and just would not move. At first I thought he was having a case of stubborness and needing a push along as sometimes required. But ordering him to do the task repeatedly resulted in nothing. That was when I knew something was wrong.

My slight anger turned into worry for his health. I quickly diagnosed him to see if anything was wrong, but apparently he said nothing was wrong. I tried improving his health by giving him the newest available supplement, but to no avail. My last ditch effort was to open him up and perform surgery, but still no help.

Alas I had to accept the fact that my faithful servant, the LITEON CD-RW had finally died. I had updated the drivers and tried a reinstall but that still didn't work. I had bought the CD-RW at the computer swap meet years ago and it has helped me burn many cds, either music or data which has enriched my life. I already have a new Pioneer DVD Dual Layer RW but I still kept the Liteon to use as a secondary CD-ROM drive for copying from CD to CD because I still felt it could serve a purpose. But now since it no longer works, I will replace it with an even older CD-ROM drive I have lying around in the garage as the secondary drive.

Above: My faithful servant with his tongue hanging out in a last sign of life


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