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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Sushi Sushi

After work on Friday, I went to the all you can eat Japanese buffet at Yamagata Japanese Restaurant (below left). As usual service there was totally awful. The buffet is an ordering style buffet where you fill out a card as you can see Jessie holding (below right) in the photo with Alan. But as always, they mix up the orders and bring out either food we haven't ordered or don't bring out food we have ordered. A trainee waitress was also working our table that night and she was probably responsible for mixing up most of our orders.

Below left is a not so flattering picture of Kin, who has now twiced not gotten his grape calpis that he ordered when we go there and on the right is greedy guts Jo with all the food.

Below left is Hien with a slight variation on her normal purple outfits, and right is a platter of the sushi that we ordered.

Below left is a citrine rock and the funny sign displayed under it on the right. The sign says "Hi I'm a Citrine. I know I'm pretty, Perhaps u Interesting About Me But Please do not Hurt me & Touch me thank u !!!". My Engrish teacher Would proud who Wrote this!!!


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