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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Robot Sumo Competition

Last year at our work place, there was a robot sumo competition where employees built a robot that would fight sumo style against others. I got some videos of it courtesy of my work mate Mark, and now am able to post them since YouTube lets you put unlimited videos on the web.

The robots are fully autonomous, no one is controlling them with a remote. They sense the border of the competition area and the other robots themselves and decide what to do depending on the software written by the competitors. I was on a team but our robot came *cough cough* last. The winning robot was the Zipponator, the robot that won in Robot Sumo 4 video. It had a very powerful vacuum sucking it to the ground. The Zipponator beat the bowl shaped vacuum sucking robot as seen in Robot Sumo 1 & 3 because the other one's engine blew in the first round of the finals and created a whole lot of black smoke. It was a great day and lots of fun!

Robot Sumo 1

Robot Sumo 2

Robot Sumo 3

Robot Sumo 4


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