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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

All Hacks Indoor Soccer Team Vol 811 & 812

All Hacks,

In the first match we played Yemezel. In a pre cursor to the drama that would unfold around penalty kick in the World Cup (more on that later), we were handed two during the game. The first came from an illegal back pass while the second came from a goal keeper error. We converted both and those were to be our only goals for the night. Yemezel bascially steam rolled us since it was so late, cold and I think we all totally lacked any motivation to play even. Ajay also gave a glimpse of the World Cup when he was the FIRST ever All Hacks player to be sin binned for unsportsman behaviour. His obvious attempts to stop the keepers throw outs with his hands did not sit well with the referee.

In the second game against bottom side Ghetto Superstars, the All Hacks were fully motivated by the skills displayed during the World Cup and put on their own little show. With ruthless German like precision, Brazilian flare coupled with Australian guts and determination, the All Hacks had wave after wave of attack and put through 5 goals. In an even more impressive display, our keeper Justin "Kalac" Lam kept a clean sheet, the first in 35 games apparently.

Well on to the main story. If you haven't been living under a rock, you would have obviously been watching the World Cup, and being very unproductive at work at well. Since Australia were in the World Cup, excitment was at fever pitch and any old person was jumping on the bandwagon. The Aussies did extremely well and were very unlucky to be knocked out. The Japan and Croatia matches were so exciting and showed what fighting spirit the Socceroos (Soccerwhos a few months back to most of the nation) have.

If you have some time, I've written many blog posts on the World Cup, feel free to comment and agree or disagree with my views.

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The last post is actually titled Australia vs Italy: We Were Fucking Robbed but the way the url got abbreviated to Australia vs Italy: We Were Fucking, which I thought is quite funny.

Finally, I've attached a secret training video of the Italian football team, showing how they were able to beat Australia.



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