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Monday, March 26, 2007

Parcel Delivery Conspiracy

I've recently had a conspiracy theory that a lot of parcel delivery men don't acutally carry all the parcels with them. Of late, I've received many parcels, or supposed to have received them, only to have to go and pick them up myself. There have been many occasions when there has definitely been someone home, only for a note to be left saying that no one was home and that I would have to go and pick up the parcel. Why am I paying for a premium delivery service when I have to go and get them myself, especially if the depot is far away.

So why would a delivery man drive all the way to my house and then not deliver the parcel. I think that sometimes since their trucks are so full as they try to maximise their delivery and hence earnings, that its physically too crowded to carry every parcel. It's much easier to carry a little piece of paper and just stick that on you door and get you to go and pick up the parcel yourself.

My second guess is that maybe delivery men get paid for a second delivery if you are not home since its not their fault. This means they can generate more business for themselves (since you cover a specific suburb each I believe) by having to deliver a parcel a few times.

Other extremely annoying things that parcel delivery people do is a) leave parcels without getting a signature. They are marked for signing for a reason. The consumer pays for the service and hence the delivery man should wait the one extra minute to get a signature rather than ring the door bell and then just leave the parcel; b) leave parcels in exposed areas where they can easily be rained on or easily taken by any passer bys; c) throw parcels over gates so that items are broken inside. I've had so many cd cases cracked due to the parcels being throw over this high steel gate I used to have at the old house.


Blogger The Oriental Express said...

I agree with you that the work attitude of Australians can be quite appalling!

When I was in Melbourne, my sis told me that she could only have two, only two rubbish bags for the workers to dump. They would not carry more than two!!!

In Singapore, we have it too good.
Singaporeans take for granted the good cleaners who would go the extr mile, etc. This is one of life's irony!

3/28/2007 9:17 AM  
Blogger thanh7580 said...

Choo, I agree that the attitude is quite bad sometimes. It's the "it's not my job so I wont care or do it: attitude.

Why is Singaporean cleaners going the extra mile an irony?

I don't know if you read the comment I placed on your blog about the differences between the words ironic and ironical, but I don't understand how irony is used in this case. I may be a bit dumb today, have a really bad cold, just got home from a project management training session so can't think properly.

3/28/2007 6:08 PM  
Blogger afrobev said...

"Oh, irony! Oh, no, no, we don't get that here. See, uh, people ski topless here while smoking dope, so irony's not really a high priority. We haven't had any irony here since about, uh, '83 when I was the only practitioner of it, and I stopped because I was tired of being stared at."

Steve Martin, Roxanne

Sorry I just like that quote. Conversations about irony always make me think of it :)

3/29/2007 6:49 AM  
Blogger A-la-la-la-n said...

i reckon delivery men are a bunch of hacks. Never do their work properly.

I camped at home all day once for my beloved DVD to come from eBay. And when the delivery man arrived he just put the note on my door and left. I saw him do it!

Didn't even knock, left that peice of paper and high tailed it out. Didn't even carry anything to the door.

Very unprofessional

3/29/2007 4:11 PM  
Blogger thanh7580 said...

James, I vaguely remember that quote from Roxanne. Hopefully you Googled that phrase because if you remember that phrase word for word, then I don't know what other useless info is in your mind.

Alan, see finally, someone else who's had the same problem. I remember being home all day once too, and never once heard the door bell, but I couldn't prove that he didn't ring since I might have been in the toilet. But since you actually saw the guy leave a note, thats solid evidence. So maybe my theory is correct, its either because the parcels are much heavier to carry and they run out of space in their vans or can't be bothered, or they get paid for making a return trip (in cases like DHL, UPS, Fedex etc).

3/29/2007 7:05 PM  

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