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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Movie Review - U23D

I've only really started to listen to U2 in the past year and a half after a friend introduced me to them. They're his favourite band, and now U2 are also my favourite band. I knew a lot of U2 songs already, but to discover all their gems has been a fantastic experience. They have been the only artist that has remained on my Ipod throughout. I keep going back to their classics time and time again when I just want to hear some good music.

I first saw a trailer for U23D while watch Beowulf (also a 3D film) at IMAX. At the time I remembered saying how I wished I could see the U2 film. The trailer didn't have a date for the film. Finally, I happened to chance on a Wikipedia entry about U2 recently and it showed that their 3D film was already broadcasting in the US. A quick check of the IMAX website showed there were limited sessions on. I was so disappointed when I missed U2 live in Melbourne a couple of years ago. This 3D film was going to be the closest I could get to seeing them live.

I asked my U2 loving friend to go and we went to one of the sessions. The film is about U2's Vertigo tour. It was filmed over about 9 concerts I think in South America. They needed to get various camera shots to be able to compile the 3D effect.

I already own the Vertigo tour DVD and have watched it many times on my 42" LCD TV. However, to see the 3D version in the ultra massive screens at IMAX, I was blown away. The realism was amazing. Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullens Jr loooked so close and the emotions on their faces were so clear. The crowd was absolutely pumping and I was getting right into it. I was tapping my feet and singing along. I was totally absorbed in the experience. It's not quite virtual reality, but it was fairly realistic. You feel like you're part of the crowd, but with prime seating. You could see hands wave virtually in front of you. When Bono lent over and sang, he was right in your face and was singing just to you it seems.

The movie covers most of the concert, minus the talking parts. U2 performed all their hits, each song being performed brilliantly. There were so many recognisable guitar riffs. As the songs would start, I would already know which song it was. They are truely a brilliant band. And for most of us, we won't be able to see them live. So this 3D film is the next best experience. The IMAX sessions are over now, but the film is still being shown in some cinemas. If you are a fan, you will love it. If you aren't a fan, you'll still recognise a lot of the songs and enjoy it.

Rating: *****/5


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