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Monday, April 07, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance Australia - Top 4 Verdict Show

Well, my pick for the Top 4 individual dancers that I want to see at the end is still in the running. The audience, like myself, have clearly shown their favourites. The automatically safe contestants tonight were Jack, Rhys, Kate and Demi. That was my pick for the final 4 as they are the best dancers and also the most loved dancers.

I think it will probably come down to a fight between the two guys as to who will win the title. They have both been outstanding but I would still put my money, and support, behind Jack.

The bottom two in the girls tonight between Rhiannon and Vanessa was a fair enough decision by the viewers. Rhiannon has been languishing near the bottom few couples each week and hasn't really captured the hearts of the nation. I think her immaturity has shown through at times and that has not endeared her to the viewers. Vanessa has been a surprise for me. I've liked her from the start but I thought a lot of people might find her too annoying in terms of her cuteness and high pitched voice. If she were in Big Brother, I can guarantee that she would have been the first voted off. But this is a different kettle of fish. People watching this dance show are enjoying her honesty and humility and just appreciating that she is giving it her all.

When Rhiannon left, you could really see how crushed she was. She was fighting back the tears so hard. I thought she would crack, but she held on and gave a great speech at the end.

Between the guys, I really wasn't sure who would go between Henry and Graeme. Wind back a month and Henry was clearly a favourite. He breezed past the audition rounds and was my pick to make it to the last four. But although he has been good at times, he hasn't been as versatile as Jack or Rhys and done exceptional dances each week. Graeme on the other hand, has had the opposite journey. He was near the bottom end to start off with, but has gained more and more strength and support as the show has gone on. I have seen the improvement in him. And who knew he could sing. He sounded pretty good when he sang those few words.

So with Henry announced as the next contestant to go, we are down to only six left. It's going to be tough to see anyone leave. They really are all such great dancers. But ultimately, there has to be one winner. Hopefully, they will all gain employment from this reality TV show rather than just 15 minutes of fame and are another tool in the reality TV juggernaut.


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