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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Golf - Driving Range

You must learn to walk before you run. So when we were talking about a playing golf, Adrian asked if we had ever played before. Both Justin and I hadn't. So Adrian suggested we go hit some balls at the driving range instead.

Luckily we did that, otherwise we could still be trying to finish one hole after 3 hours. I've always golf was for rich old people. And I still think that. Adrian's Mitsubishi 1980s wagon looked so out of place in the car part amongst the BMW's and Mercedes. But I have to give credit to people who play golf, it's not as easy as it looks.

We got 200 balls between the three of us. We were thinking that might not be enough, but after we finished, we agreed it was definitely enough. You see, the problem is that when you are crap, like we are, you tend to mishit the ball a lot. This sends a huge shock through your hands and arms and it's very tiring. Occasionally when we hit a good shot, it felt effortless and the club was doing all the work. We tried the woods and various irons that Adrian had brought. It was amazing how many shots we managed to skew, miss completely, hit the roof with, hit the side boards and even backwards. Ok technically Justin didn't hit it backwards. He had a few balls lined up and when he went to backswing for the first one, he hit one of the other balls on the ground and it went backwards.

It was a fun day and I'm going to go to the driving range more so that I can improve my swing. I like the challenge of hitting a good shot.

Do you like my style? Shocking swing isn't it?


Blogger Jonno said...

How do you hit the roof? That's quite funny...

3/24/2008 10:28 AM  
Blogger thanh7580 said...

Well Jonno, I must have hit the roof about 4 times. You achieve that by slicing over the top of the ball and just nicking it. It then slides off the tee and straight into into the fake grass carpet thing. It then bounces straight up into the roof about three meters high and makes a huge thumping sound.

3/24/2008 10:47 AM  

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