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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance Australia - Top 8 Verdict Show

I wasn't completely surprised at the bottom three couples, as two of them were in my bottom three in terms of scores. I thought that Rhiannon and JD would be there since they messed up their routine. But they must have got a lot of sympathy votes, or they just have a lot of fans.

For the solo "dance for your life" routine, I actually thought Marko's routine was the best. Shows what I know about dance eh? I really thought his solo was really entertaining and disagreed with Jason that all the couples really connected with the solos this week. I thought they had all done better solos. Vanessa's solo last week was way better, as was Henry's.

I think the judges definitely got it right by sending Stephanie home. I had been saying for weeks that her dancing isn't that strong. Her solo Samba was really messy. I've watched enough dance shows to see that the "twisty" move part of her samba where she is putting one leg behind the other was really bad. She lost it in the middle part of that. I also had enough of all her excuses.

With the guys, I thought it was a really tough choice. Henry has been good, and Anthony has so many spectacular moves and is so likeable. In the end, I guess Marko just wasn't as versatile as the others.


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