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Monday, February 18, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance Australia - Top 10 Verdict Show

My summation of the Top 10 live show wasn't totally wrong. I scored Courtney and Hilton the lowest and they were in the bottom three. Kate and Khaly I scored the third lowest and they were also in the botttom three. I thought Stephanie and Marko would have been there instead of Vanessa and Henry.

I thought that Courtney definitely was the weakess dancer yesterday and also in her "Dance For Your Life" solo. And like I said in my live show summation, I don't think she is genuine. I think she showed that again tonight when after Jason said that she was dancing in her style and didn't shine, she argue that the jazz lyrical wasn't exactly her style. That has been her story the whole way. She is always giving excuses and saying that she can do it, but in the end, it was just talk.

In terms of the guys, I thought that Hilton should have gone too. Khaly was so entertaining and I think he had potential to do a lot more. But maybe the judges thought that his hip hop/breaking style was just too restricted and that he couldn't do much more.

I think the most interesting part about tonight's verdict show was the interactions between the contestants. When the girls were waiting for their verdict, Kate and Vanessa were looking at each other while Courtney was looking elsewhere. Then when Kate got through, Vanessa gave her a massive hug and they congratulated each other. With only Courtney and Vanessa on stage, they didn't hold hands until Courtney sunddenly awkwardly went over and grabbed Vanessa. From this alone, you can see that Courtney was not the most liked by the other contestants. They too must have been sick of her endless excuses.

The popularity of Khaly on the other hand, was at the total opposite. When he was announced as the one to leave, most of the other dancers were crying. When they rushed up on stage, nearly everyone went over and embraced Khaly for ages. Only a couple of people like Graeme and J.D went over and embraced Courtney. Even Courtney's own partner, usually the first to embrace the team mate who is leaving, went to Khaly first and then after went to her. It shows that people take to genuine people and the Australian audience are the same. We aren't fools and do not like fake people. Hence that is why I think people like Demi, Jack, Vanessa, Sermsah, Rhys, Jemma and Anthony will go far. They are true to themselves and give genuine emotions in their performances, which the audience will pick up on.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

But at least Real George gave Skyline George a hug first before he shook Fake George's hand.

2/19/2008 2:29 PM  

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