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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Indian Cricket Tour Controversy

I have to put in my two cents worth regarding this controversy about India pulling out of the final two tests. Again, this is another incident of how the media can blow things up so big that it then causes the poeple involved to react and make it bigger.

What is the actual controversy? Is it the racism issue with Harbhajan? Is it that Australia won again with some dubious umpiring? It's probably a combination of the two things that had got the Indians fuming. Losing tends to have that effect. I wonder what would have happened had India won. Should Australia then kick up a fuss.

Firstly to the racism issue with Harbhajan. We will never know if Harbhajan said racist comments to Symonds. I don't see why the Australians would bring that up for no reason. I will admit that they sledge quite a bit, so why would they have to change from that and resort to this. And it's not Harbhajan's record is very clean. He may be incited, but he could easily sledge back with a million other things. This is the nature of the sport, like it or not.

The second issue of Australia not playing "in the spirit of the game", I think that is unfair too. Sport is played with as much heart as one can, and the Australians do that. The fact that some umpiring decisions went their way this test happens to everyone. If there was perfect umpiring decisions all the time, that would be called a computer game. You get some calls your way, you don't some other days. You can't blame Australia for that. You can say that the Australians pressured the umpire, but so does any other team. Some Indian batsmen stood their ground when they were clearly caught and did not leave. Should that be seen as not playing in the spirit of the game too.

And how can you deny a team from celebrating. For goodness sakes, you've toiled for five days and come away with an amazing victory. What are you going to do, just stand there. This is sport played at its toughest. Not many sporting events drag on for five days. It's only natural to celebrate a win so monumental. NBA players celebrate a slam dunk with as much vigour, why aren't they chastised. If you want genteel, go and watch golf or lawn bowls. Even in golf when something big happens, there fist pumping and shouting.

India's threat to pull out of the tour is just blackmail. They carry so much power in the cricket system and are now using their power to get what they want. They already have Bucknor removed from the next match and want Harbhajan's suspension to be removed. If the ICC bow to that completely, then it throws the whole system into chaos. Who can listen to anything the judicial system imposes if one can just change it by throwing some weight around.

As for calls for Ricky Ponting to be sacked, that's such a laughable suggestion. What has Ponting done to deserve that. All of a sudden, one sporting match has spoiled a whole countries reputation. Isn't that a bit of a overstatement?

If people want sport to be fair and played in the spirit, they shouldn't watch it. Sport nowadays is all about money and marketing. Without financial support and gain from companies, no sporting events would happen. This means all people relying on sport for their income, must do everything they can to succeed. No one remembers second place. All sportsmen are guilty of some arrogance. It's just that when it comes from the winners, it seen as being worse. People love to cut tall poppies down. It's just the natural way that human behaviour dictates we behave. How can we move up unless the ones above us fall down.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh shut uppa your mouth. We all know your biased against non-Aussie teams. If the reverse happened, you'd be wanted blood and the firing of the umpires and the Indian team captain.

You should post your 'two cents' which is the price of your personal services, on the cricket forums. You opinions would more received there rather than here where people just want to hear about your weight and gut.

1/09/2008 6:58 AM  
Anonymous ICC said...

Fang Do,

You are right to say that no one is to say how we behave, but the fact of the matter is the Aussies have been dishing out far worst than what India 'apparrently' did on the 2nd test, yet they come out relatively unpunished. Your love child Ricky Ponting on the other hand, took matters in his own hands and raised something that he himself didn't hear, but presumably took his monkey friend's word for it. Going as far as getting someone suspended for a behaviour which they themselves have a good reputation for, is just outright bullying and completely unfair.

If you please take that 7 foot pole out of your rear end, and open our mind to a more neutral way of thinking, you will realize that someone is at fault here and it those people are your VB racist friends wearing the Faggy Green.

1/09/2008 11:09 AM  
Anonymous Ricky Ponting said...

Look I had to get him banned.

His turbin was making me laugh. I wonder if he hides snakes in it. As for Fat Do's comment about not firing me, good on ya mate. Fair Dinkum. Let's drink to white supremacy.

1/09/2008 11:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I say we should boycott Do from ever visiting another Indian restrauant or watching anymore Bollywood flicks. He's obviously discriminate.

1/09/2008 5:13 PM  
Blogger thanh7580 said...

Anonymous, at least I have the guts to write down my opinions using my own name rather than hide behind this "anonymous" identity. Why don't you stand up to those little kiddies in the shopping centre and set them straight rather than complaining about it all the time.

ICC, why does Ricky have to hear it personally to bring the case up. He is the team captain and its his job to raise issues that his team have. If you stop being so biased against the Australian team, you will see that they are not the only ones to blame.

Ricky, I'm not white so I can't agree with white supremacy.

Anonymous, not watching Bollywood movies I can do, but no Indian food is like depriving you of booze, it just wouldn't work.

1/09/2008 6:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you wrote your jackass opinion on your personal blog. That's makes your a Warrior!!!

We salute you Warrior!!! You're the bravest man. George Bush would make you his secretary of Defence.

Now stop been an Aussie Cricket team slut and back yourself with better Youtube clips

1/09/2008 7:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a refreshing article! Another blind or perhaps someone who knows nothing about the match. You want evidence of how the Aussie cricket team cheated or why at least half the Aussie population calling for Ponting's head, see for yourself.

For someone who never played even backyard cricket, you better get youself educated about a game of cricket.

1/09/2008 7:34 PM  
Anonymous Harbarjan Sigh said...

Truck you, you biased prick. 99% of the population thinks the Aussie are good sledgers. Why can't I sledge back? Beside Symonds looks more like an Ape than a monkey. Calling him that glorifies him.

1/09/2008 7:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Do, you are correct to say you have guts. Everybody in the world has half your gut size.

Wow so you think you are brave and outspoken, go and say these things in the Indian nightclub and if you come out alive we'll shout you curry you FAT Zhong Guo Zhu.

So you are saying that because these people are inferior and should not be treated the same just because they are not white and drive Mecedes Benz. You bigot!!!! If you watch one those video links above, you will see a White umpire gave a White Ricky Ponting the benefit of the doubt when Dicky Ponting put his hand up to say ITS OUT. And if you look more carefully, you can see the umpire and Dicky Ponting do the Nazi salute. ZIG HAIL!!!!!!!!!!!

1/09/2008 8:50 PM  
Blogger thanh7580 said...

Anonymous, I can write what I please and have my own opinion. You can disagree all you wish.

As for your so called "evidence", what makes another bloggers opinion more valid than mine. If this is the evidence you have, then I believe you should start taking vitamins, as they can increase your mental capacity by 200%.

Finally, you love putting words in my mouth. You're the one who is saying these people are inferior because they don't drive Mercs. I'm just saying Australia is being treated unfairly and that the issue is made much bigger than what it really is. I rest my case.

1/09/2008 9:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fat Stupid Do,

Of course this is your blogspot and you can put whatever cockamine opinion you like. But if you are going to throw a hissy fit over other people challenging your stance then you should go to your corner and have a biscuit and a cry.

I do not disagree that the blame should be entirely on Dicky Ponting nor the Australian team. If anything it's really the umps fault for being so blind and easily influenced by one side.

If you watched one of the videos carefully, you will see that one of the dropped catches by the Aussies (different match) was deemed out because the ump asked Ponting if it was caught in which the 'fair' captain said it was.

Now tell me thats it's unfair to point that out. If the decision was reversed I'm pretty sure your sportmanlike Aussie team would have kicked a huge fuss and then you would join them with your iPhone and sell them crack.

1/10/2008 8:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, then you need to take 40 times as much vitamins because your common-sense is pretty much non-existence.

For the majority of the Aussie sporting legends who used to play Test cricket, even they condemned the attitude and the lack of grace shown by this Aussie cricket team. Is winning 'at all costs' more important than respect and fairness?? When you claim a catch which clearly isn't is cheating. Did you see the reaction of Ponting when he was given out in the first innings? How about M. Clarke in the second innings? Also when he claimed a catch off a bump ball?! How do you explain about the Dravid's appeal? The second last wicket of the final day? Give me the answers to these questions before you open your big fat mouth to try to defend your cheating cricket team.

As one of the many newswriters appropriately quoted, "I don't like cheats, and I don't like this Australian cricket team".

1/10/2008 8:15 PM  
Blogger A-la-la-la-n said...

a good read

basically, it's been a slow summer of news :P

Another thing which I hope you will do, is to start adding paragraphs to your posts

It makes for easier reads.


And Ponting sacked? Nonsense. Exactly that. No sense.

1/11/2008 2:57 AM  
Blogger thanh7580 said...

Anonymous, many others in the past have reacted worse than Ponting when they got out. Why don't we make a fuss about that everytime. As for Clarke claiming a bum ball, what makes it a bump ball. The inconclusive television replays. Replays on catches always make them look short. Clarke thought he caught it cleanly. Catchers know sometimes when they feel their fingers between the bal and the grass. As for the Dravid appeal, it was just another appeal. They heard a noise, which after many replays looked like pad, and appealed. It's up to the umps to decide then whether it is out. Enough answers for you.

Alan, it has been a slow summer of news.

Don't the paragraphs show up. They show up on my Internet Explorer browser.

Do all the articles not have paragraphs? Or just some?

1/11/2008 6:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Again Fat Do Rei shows his completely biased view of this matter. Let me refer to one of his previous blogs he posted two years ago entitled "We were f**king robbed" expressing his disgust and spite of the Australians lost in the World Cup to Italy after a very obvious and dubious call from a referee.

Let's point out the similiarity in the scenarios here

- The penalty quick awarded to Italy's dive in the box could have cost Australia the chance to advance. Note, I mean the 'chance' as the fact remains that the Aussies would have or would'nt have won that match even if didn't end in the fashion.

- India cricket team were also denied the chance for victory or at least a DRAW due to numerous bad umpire judgements and calls. Also, this could situation, nothing could have been certain.

- After the fateful World Cup defeat the Italians, almost the whole of Australia's media kicked a huge fuss crying fowl and demandning retribution from FIFA and for refeeree's blood and calling the Italians cheats. Guess who also joined in the chorus. No other than Do-Rei-Mi.

Clearly, Mr Fat Do, you are biased. Your statement above saying it was up to the umpire to make the choice on what he sees. Well how is it that the ref who awarded the penalty any different. He also made a mistake, but you didn't back him up like you did for the umps that screwed India.

Mr. Fat Do, you have every right to have your opinion and to write about it for all to see but I just wished for once you would comment from a neutral stance. Sure it is good to be patriotic, but sometimes even the villians can be to be people you look up to and admire. I'm definetely now going to stand up for you after what you did to the 13yo in the toilet yesterday. Mates are mates, but there are boundaries on what can be accepted and what I would condemn. Enough said!! Go back to your cup cakes and jam donuts.

1/11/2008 8:32 AM  
Anonymous Fat Do's alter ego said...

Yeah Do,

The Aussies in the 2nd test did anything they could to win even if it wasn't clean cut and fair. So did the Italians in 2006 World Cup.

I feel you let your emotions and favouritism to your Raggy Green cricketers influence your comments.

1/11/2008 8:37 AM  
Blogger A-la-la-la-n said...

You use IE!?!?

Oh dear...

Mozilla buddy

But it's working now (thank god!)

1/11/2008 3:30 PM  

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