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Sunday, January 06, 2008

New Year 2008

Wow its been a long time since my last post on Dec 10. This would officially be the longest time between posts since I started this blog. It's not that I've run out of things to say, it's just that life has been so busy this last month.

Work wise, it has been an ultra hectic time. We are trying to finish a project so were working weekends even, a rarity for me. Each day was sort of blurring with the next. There was no clear differentiation between the work week and the weekends. I remember coming home one Sunday from work and thinking, what will I do this weekend. Only when I turned on the TV and Sunday programs were on did I realise it was Sunday night already and I would be going back to work.

Personally, its also been a very busy time with many parties to attend, host, and trips to go on. There was also my attempts to make macarons for Christmas presents that took up a lot of time.

Well it is a new year now and again there are new hopes and dreams to look forward to. My ever recurring resolution to lose some weight will start soon, only to fall in a heap when Winter kicks in I'm sure. My also ever recurring dream to be a millionaire and retire will also hopefully come true. I doubt it very much, but here's hoping.

What I did want to write about was that during the Christmas and New Year period this year, I really thought about how it would feel to not have friends and family around. During these festive times is when you really notice friends and family. Although people will complain about having Christmas lunches with their relatives, I think they would miss it if they were all alone with no one to have Christmas lunch with. It's always the case that we take those closest to us for granted. Not everyone has family and friends who they can spend the holidays with.

I know that I have probably said it more than once on this blog that I really need other people around me. I do not like solitude at all. I am getting better at dealing with being by myself sometimes and also doing things alone, but I will never like it. Therefore I really appreciate how lucky I am to have others to enjoy festive times with. Hopefully, I will always be able to keep those special people close to me and remember to let them know that I appreciate them. That should be my primary resolution for this and every other year.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


You always say you have hopes and dreams every year.

but you can never materilize them by sitting your black slab on the sofa watching pointless shows day in day out, especially when you are at a guest at other people's place.

TDO: Oh please let me watch that show. I know everyone else wants to kaoraoke and play Wii but I want to watch the replay of Australia versus Bababos netball match.

1/07/2008 1:15 PM  
Blogger thanh7580 said...

Anonymous, I can't help it if I like to watch TV.

You aren't exactly out there making things happen either. So we're in the same boat, so stop rocking it.

1/07/2008 8:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fat Blogger,

I don't deny that I don't have much hopes and aspirations but at least I don't keep saying I will do this and I will do that. I just do what I always say I will. Stay home, play with myself and clean.

How come you don't write about how you watch TV 24/7 and throw your snotty rags around the joint.

1/07/2008 10:15 PM  

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