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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance Australia - Top 9 Verdict Show

From my summation of the Top 9 Live Show, I expected Kate and Hilton to be in the bottom three as well as Kassy and Graeme. I also expected Stephanie and Marko to be there, but instead it was Rhiannon and JD.

With the girls, I think the judges made the right decision to save Kate and Rhiannon. Kate's solo was the best of the three. It had emotion and captured me. Rhiannon, I have always thought to be a great dancer and her solo was entertaining too. Kassy's solo was all over the place. It didn't flow and was just her as many moves as she knew.

As for the guys, again I agreed with the judges and thought Hilton should go. He is supposed to be a trained contemporary dancer. However, a lot of his moves look athletic but are really poorly executed. He loses his balance in spins, doesn't extend in jumps and does the same body shake thing with the hands. I thought JD's solo routine was the best. It didn't contain as many athletic moves but flowed so smoothly. Graeme's solo was average, with a few good tricks thrown in.


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