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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

You're The Voice

"You're the voice, try and understand it
Make a noise and make it clear"
John Farnham's You're The Voice

I have currently lost my voice. So for the past few days, the only way I can talk is to whisper. This is a problem as it's hard for people to hear you. Everyone at work has been mocking me and pretending not to hear. I've seen the doctor and got some antibiotics. Hopefully this will help my vocal chords and I can talk again.

Being voiceless had shown me how important each and every one of our senses are. I've had to ask people to help me make the doctor's appointment and buy things on my behalf. It was so funny today when I went to buy some sushi. The waitress could not understand me at all since it was fairly noisy in the restaurant. She ended up saying if I could point to the display board what I wanted. It was so funny. The same thing happened at the post office. The lady laughed when I tried to squeak out my request.

Since I usually do quite a lot of talking, I've found it quite hard to adjust. I've had to use a minimal of words and even resort to writing out things. This means I have listened more to what people have said, before interrupting them as I sometimes do. So although it is really uncomfortable not to be able to express what I want, it's also been beneficial as I have to listen more closely to what is said and then respond with a minimal of words.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know the feeling Fat Do. I had Quinsy a couple of years ago (infected tonsil). I remember ringing for a taxi to the hospital at 4am - the operator surely thought that I was mentally handicapped! It's very frustrating. You economise on talk and listen lots. You condense messages to get information across with a minimum of words - just like txting ha?


2/28/2008 12:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great... now I don't have to listen to Fat Do sing out of tune for some time.

2/28/2008 12:46 PM  

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