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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance Australia - Top 6 Verdict Show

It really is getting harder and harder to watch someone get elminated each week. It seems that I'm even more deeply immersed in the stories of the dancers than the contestants of Australian Idol. Somehow dance just seems to be linked to a lot more struggle.

This week, again the audience more or less got it right. It always depends on who you like but I think the right choices were made. The clear favourites as I have said from about week 2 have been Demi and Jack and Jemma and Rhys. Jemma and Rhys have really been the surprise package for me. I didn't think Jemma would be so versatile and I thought Rhys would be a bit too camp. But that has not been the case and they have proven themselves to be the most consistent.

The third automatic safe spot was a toss up between Vanessa and Henry and Kate and Graeme. Support for Vanessa and Henry and Kate and Graeme have changed from week to week. I guess it must be really close between them.

With the girls "Dance For Your Life" or "Dance For Yourself" as Jason said, I really felt Kate's routine. You know you get into a routine when it feels way too short. Rhiannon's routine seemed all over the place. Equally, Camilla's routine was full of as many high kicks as she could manage. I thought Rhiannon might go as Camilla still had more to give I thought. But to be fair, Rhiannon has been dancing at a slightly higher level than Camilla so it was fair enough that Camilla went.

With the guys dance, I also agreed with the judges and felt Graeme should be safe. As for the choice between JD and Anthony, it could have gone either way for me. Anthony's solo probably saved him. JD's solos are just a tad too relaxed and need slightly more energy.

Both JD and Camilla gave amazing farewell speeches. They were so heartfelt and emotional. Had me slightly misty eyed. They both commented on how great it was that dance was in the limelight for once and I totally agree. Dance is the poor cousin to singing. Dance is the ugly sisters to singing's Cinderella. It's hard to showcase dance because there aren't as many opportunities to show it. We hear music everywhere and anyone can quickly sing a song. But to actually do a dance takes more skill to show the different emotions.

I'm torn between supporting quite a few couples and don't really want to see any of them go. Unlike Australian Idol where there is usually one clear favourite and people are passionate about that person, I think with this show, everyone is supporting everyone. This show is much more celebratory and less about a winner. They are all winners.


Anonymous Grace de Carteret said...

HMMM, they are not actually too relaxed its the style of hiphop in my opinion, his last dance for your life was actually amazing! :)

From His Sister!


3/21/2008 7:01 PM  
Blogger thanh7580 said...

Grace, it is his style. But from watching it on the TV, it just doesn't look like it has enough energy.

Are you really his sister?

3/23/2008 8:25 PM  
Anonymous Grace said...

Yes i am his sister, who makes up something like that bahahah!?

see everyone is entitled to there opinion!!
to me he is a awesome hiphopper, he made top 20 which i am so proud of, and to make top 6 male even better! i am proud of all his achievements, and he is proud too

5/02/2008 1:45 PM  

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