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Monday, March 10, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance Australia - Top 7 Live Show

This weeks show really hotted up, both in terms of the dance routines and the interaction between the couples. There was so much stroking, touching and suggestive actions in the routines this week. I stand by my summation last week that some clear favourites are emerging. Demi and Jack are neck and neck with Rhys and Jemma for me at the moment. Those two couples have been consistently good in every routine they have done.
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Jemma and Rhys
Finally, Rhys and Jemma have been able to prove themselves in a genre other than ballroom. I really thought Jemma was going to struggle a bit in their hip hop routine, but I was so glad to be proven wrong. They started the show with such a high energy hip hop routine. There moves were sharp and strong, and as usual, their interaction was fantastic. Jemma, like Stephanie is a ballroom dancer at heart. But not only is Jemma a much better ballroom dancer than Stephanie, she has proven that she is so versatile as well. There isn't any excuses, just genuine emotions. I'm really warming to Jemma and her gentle spirit. Rhys has excelled at everything he has done, and he was excellent in this hip hop routine. When they both did the splits was my favourite moment of the night.
Routine: 4.5/5
Technique: 2/2
Likeability: 3/3
Overall: 9.5/10

Demi and Jack
Demi has shown how versatile she has been too. She out of everyone, has surprised me the most, just purely because she is a break dancer and you wouldn't have expected her to do half the things she has done. Demi and Jack's Rumba routine was half there. They had the emotional side going, but it lacked the full effect as their body movements were silky enough I thought. It didn't have the usual slow curvy rumba lines that just exudes sensuality and lust. It was hilarious though when Demi surrendered herself in by saying that not wearing heels was her idea rather than letting Paul the choreography take the blame. She is definitely very genuine and I like that.
Routine: 3/5
Technique: 1.5/2
Likeability: 3/3
Overall: 7.5/10

Laura and Anthony Again, Laura and Anthony had a totally forgettable routine. They either are really unlucky or just haven't made enough of their routines. Either way, I can only seriously remember their disco routine. Everything else they have done has been extremely boring and underwhelming. This weeks Contemporary routine didn't really feel like a contemporary routine. I didn't understand the story at all. I think Laura's lack of versatility is really starting to show. She was again very average for me. I still am undecided about Anthony. Her has all the technique and strength to do a lot, but hasn't been given the right choreography yet. He is extremely likeable though, and what he said about making the most of the choreography at the end was spot on.
Routine: 1.5/5
Technique: 1/2
Likeability: 2/3
Overall: 4.5/10

Camilla and Sermsah
At the start, I was really drawn towards Sermsah in this partnership. But of late, my allegiance has been shifting to Camilla more and more. She is clearly the better dancer in this pairing so far. Sermsah hasn't been able to recapture those fantastic emotional dances that he did during the Top 100 auditions. Again this week, he was found lacking in the hip hop and Jason gave him some good tips about how to change that. Hopefully he will improve as I like him.
Routine: 3/5
Technique: 1.5/2
Likeability: 2.5/3
Overall: 7/10

Vanessa and Henry
Last week I said that Vanessa and Henry hadn't had a breakthrough dance yet. Well this week, I can now change that. Their Jason Gilkison choreographed Samba was probably the best dance this season so far. If not, it would be a close call with Jason's other choreographed Waltz for Jemma and Rhys. These two dances have moved me the most so far. Vanessa was excellent in this dance. Her beautiful lines and extensions were used to their fullest in the dance. But like the judges said, it was the way she attacked the dance and that fire in her eyes and movement that made it exceptional. Henry was in his element but still managed to draw attention his way. The sharp hair cut and shaved chest probably helped.
Routine: 5/5
Technique: 2/2
Likeability: 3/3
Overall: 10/10

Kate and Graeme
Like I said last week, I'm really starting to like Kate more. She did herself no harm this week by performing a fantastic Contemporary routine. What a difference in this contemporary routine than that which Laura and Anthony did. It really is the luck of the draw sometimes and which choreographer and which routine they give you. This routine was very moving and Graeme was so good in all the lifts. Kate's usual brilliant lines were there for all to see. The judges thought it was the best contemporary routine they have seen all season. I don't disagree with that, but it wasn't totally perfect for me. I have seen better contemporary routines from Mia Michaels in the US series so I can't mark this full marks.
Routine: 4.5/5
Technique: 2/2
Likeability: 2.5/3
Overall: 9/10

Rhiannon and JD
After last weeks disastrous Tango, Rhiannon and JD have bounced back well this week. Their jazz routine was full of energy and very clever with how the hats were worked throughout the routine. However, good was not good enough this night. With three other spectacular routines from Jemma and Rhys, Vanessa and Henry, Kate and Graeme, this routine was lost a bit at the end. JD did a lot better this week but I still spotted quite a few technicial errors from him.
Routine: 3.5/5
Technique: 1.5/2
Likeability: 1.5/3
Overall: 6.5/10

Quality wise, this episode has clearly been the best so far. There were so many highlights throughout the night. From what I have seen so far, I think that Laura and Anthony are the only definites that should be in the bottom three. All the others are up in the air and it really depends who the audience votes for.


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