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Monday, April 14, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance Australia - Top 3 Verdict Show

The top four that I wanted and predicted has eventuated. I think all the dancers that are left have shown how versatile they are and also they are really likeable. It will be extremely interesting to see who wins. I think that decision will pretty much come down to the dances they do next week as I think the popularity is very close.

Tonights results show showcased the latest Cirque du Soleil act. They were so amazing. It was a mixture of dance, art and gymnastics. It was entrancing watching the two dancers with their intricate and very athletic routine.

The dancers that followed almost looked second rate. However, I quickly forgot about that and just enjoyed what the last six had to produce. They have all improved so much that their solos are much more about dancing and expressing their feelings rather than cramming in as many tricks as possible. I still thought Jack's solo was the best.

Graeme and Vanessa have had a great journey and it was nice to see how far they've come from their auditions. The fact that Vanessa did an African type tribal dance for her solo shows what new technical skills she has learnt as well as a new confidence. The farewell speeches from everyone has been so great. The comraderie that the dancers exhibit is a total contrast to many other reality shows. Graeme's speech was excellent. It was a mixture of emotion, gratefulness and pure childness enjoyment. I'm sure he and Vanessa will do well from this experience.


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