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Monday, April 14, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance Australia - Top 3 Live Show

I'm glad they got rid of the solo performances and have gone back to the tried and true formula of partner dancing. Instead of swapping partners for each of the two dances tonight, the pairs stayed together.
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Kate started off with a Rumba paired with Rhys. It was a Jason Gilkison routine so the expectations from me were so high. I'm glad to say the routine lived up to my expectations. Jason Gilkison really is a genius in dance and his routines are top notch. The routine was so sensual and had all the stop start needed from a rumba. The song choice of "Message To My Girl" from Split Enz helped to make the routine even better, especially the end part.

Kate's second routine was a trio with Vanessa and Demi. Their routine was a Nacho Pop Hip Hop routine. The routine fell really flat for me. I didn't really get it or feel really entertained. Kate was hitting it hard in the routine and I can't fault her for her efforts. But I can't rate it too highly as it just wasn't entertaining.
Partner Routine 1: 4.5/5
Trio Routine 2: 3.5/5
Likeability: 4.5/5
Overall: 12.5/15

Rhys partnered Kate for the Rumba. His dancing was equally good and he supported Kate throughout. That back piroette turn thing was amazing. He has really shown how versatile a dancer he is, adapting to hip hop as easily as ballroom.

Rhys second routine was a group one with Jack and Graeme. They were doing a routine from Supple. Like all Jason Gilkison routines, I know also have such high expectations from routines by Supple. Supple has choreographed my two favourite routines from the season so far. The routine was so different but fantastic. The strange moves and interaction between the three was great. Rhys was really good in it and it was hard to separate the three guys.
Partner Routine 1: 4.5/5
Trio Routine 2: 5/5
Likeability: 4.5/5
Overall: 14/15

Demi was partnered with her long time partner Jack for a Garry Stewart Contemporary routine. Demi, as the judges have said, has done many many contemporary routines. Not all have been so good. But this robotic routine suited her so well. The routine just kept reminding me of something from Mortal Kombat. The way Demi was dressed just reminds me of one of the characters.

Demi did well in the trio routine but like Kate, the routine really didn't help any of them. The moves were quite bad and boring. It didn't help to showcase how good they all are. But that's not Demi's fault, she did the most she could with it.
Partner Routine 1: 4/5
Trio Routine 2: 3.5/5
Likeability: 4.5/5
Overall: 12/15

Jack is now my clear favourite for the title. His work in the contemporary routine with Demi was amazing. Even though Demi is the hip hop dancer and this contemporary contained a lot of sharp moves seen in hip hop, Jack outshone Demi I thought. If you look closely, he does small things to accentuate each movement. A kick might have a pointed toe that makes it look better. An arm flick has an extra wrist movement and improves it. He has not done a thing wrong all season in my opinion.

Jack's second trio routine was really good. His Meercat type moves were great. Even though all the guys were great, again, I thought Jack shone just a bit brighter. It's his attention to detail in each movement that makes him a bit better I think.
Partner Routine 1: 4.5/5
Trio Routine 2: 5/5
Likeability: 5/5
Overall: 14.5/15

Vanessa and Graeme did a Broadway routine by Adam Williams. The routine was good in parts, but also a bit slow in others. Generally you expect Broadway routines to be full of energy and not have lulls. But this routine had a few lulls for me. Vanessa was very good and executed the complex moves well. I agree with the judges and think that she did need to accentuate some moves with slightly sharper actions.

Vanessa's group routine was rather strange. When she first took off her glasses and was trying to act "sexy", the ways she rolled her eyes, I thought she was going into an asthmatic fit or something. She didn't pull off the sexy very well at all.
Partner Routine 1: 4/5
Trio Routine 2: 3/5
Likeability: 4/5
Overall: 11/15

Graeme did the Broadway number with Vanessa. Graeme was very good in the routine and had the right mixture of technique and comedy. Graeme has also shown himself to be very versatile. But unfortunately for him, everything he can do, both Jack and Rhys do better.

Graeme's work in the trio routine was again great. His insect thing was done well. But seeing him side by side with Jack and Rhys showed that he lacks a little bit more needed to be up there with the other two.
Partner Routine 1: 4.5/5
Trio Routine 2: 4.5/5
Likeability: 3.5/5
Overall: 12.5/15

My clear favourite in terms of likeability as well as technique is Jack. I think he hasn't put a step wrong and deserves to be in the final four. Rhys has been a close second and also deserves to be in the top four. For the girls, Kate has really grown on me. She wasn't anywhere near one of my favourites at the start of the season. But her exceptional work each week has really grown on me. If she were to win the whole thing, I think that would be a great result as well. Demi has been the heart warming story. We've all seen her grow each week and she is just so likeable.

Therefore, I think Graeme and Vanessa should be eliminated tonight. Vanessa has been one of my favourites from the start, but her dancing has let her down a bit at times. Her lines are beautiful and she has excelled when she does things like that. But whenever she needs to do stronger sharper moves, she has struggled a bit. Graeme has never really grown on me all season. He is good technically but hasn't done a knock out routine. He has been sitting in the shadow of Jack and Rhys and I think his time is up.


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