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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Chapel Street

I went to Chapel Street on Saturday with some friends because the organiser chose the venue there. Chapel Street is suppose to be Melbourne's version of Rodeo Drive, with all the expensive shops. Whenever any overseas celebrities come to Melbourned, they're always reported to have gone to Chapel Street to shop.

I think Chapel Street is just overrated. The atmosphere there isn't that great at night. Compared to the night atmosphere of cities in Asian countries, it feels like Chapel street is the poor cousin. None of the shops are open at night and since most of the street is comprised of shops, immediately that means most of the street is deserted. The scattering of restaurants there are tightly packed with people but with most being on the expensive side, this discourages a lot of people to go already.

The biggest problem with the street on Saturday night is the parade of cars there. I don't understand why some people enjoy riding along the street all night in their "hotted" up cars, honking their horns, driving crazily, music blaring on full blast and shouting out their windows. These cars cause major traffic problems on an already crowded street and also add an intimidating tension to the atmosphere. If some other drunks in the bars took offence to anything being shouted, a fight would probably break out or at the least, lots of chest thumping and shouting. Many people who just want to go out for a night of fun don't want to get caught up in any violence, especially families with little kids, so hence will be less willing to go to Chapel Street.

Left: Como centre on corner of Toorak Road and Chapel Street

Right: Traffic jam on Chapel Street


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