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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Why Do People Blog? - Another Analysis By Dr Thanh Ph(aic) D(octor)

In a case of timing, I was actually going to write an article about why people blog and in particular why I blog. I had just read a blog called The Diary of Princess Chloe where Chloe had gone through some hard times and "...thought that writing a blog could be a step towards the new Chloe". This made me think why I was writing a blog. Then I was reading The Age newspaper online as I do everyday when I read this article called A Blog's Life by Roulla Yiacoumi. Roulla writes

"Why do people blog? At the heart of the exercise is the premise that other people care about what you might have to say.

A blog might tell family on the other side of the world what you've been up to, comment on a political issue, or rant about any given topic.

The notion that anyone can self-publish is a powerful one.

The real beauty of the blog is the ease with which you can publish a random thought in a sentence or two, or take a more considered approach. Unlike a structured written piece, a blog often takes a less formal and looser format."

I agree entirely with what Roulla writes. I think when it comes down to it, the main reason I write a blog is because it gives me a forum to express my opinion on a variety of subjects and hopefully that others will care about what I say. The fact that you can self publish is a freedom that was not available in the past. You may write hundreds of letters to newspaper but if you view is not supported by the editor, the letters probably won't get published. However, a blog lets you write exactly what you want without and lets others see it. Some blogs are now so influential that even Government pay attention. Recently in the latest Australian Federal Elections, a political blog whose opinion is so well regarded that one of the electing parties "supported" his blog with money for him to write about them.

Another self indulgent reason for my blog, as my friend and part-time psychologist at work John (a pool of knowledge, see Feb 24 post) says, deep down I'm probably seeking some attention and hoping people will like me more through my blog. Thats probably true, else I wouldn't be bugging everyone I know to read my blog. But hey, you have to be selfish sometimes and seek attention, so keep reading everyone. Haha.


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