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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Bargaining Agreement

I just had my performance review for work. Apparently, a performance review does not equate to a salary review. So I asked when the salary review part is, to which the reply is that there isn't one. Management and HR will review my performance and decide whether I should get an increase depending on a million things such as whether the company can afford to, what market rates are etc etc.

Its so funny come review time each year. Everyone knows that it doesn't mean much, but still have to play the game. If you find out something dramatic during review time, I see this as an example of managers and staff not communicating. Any large issues should have been brought up at least some other time throughout the year rather than at review time when it is sprung as a surprise.

I don't want to go into too much detail, but my review went very well. I hope this equates to a salary rise. I don't think I'm paid terribly, but I also don't think I'm paid well either. An employees salary is always a bargaining agreement between how much you're willing to work for and how much a company is willing to pay you. The opinions on this will always differ. We, as the employees, always want more money, while the employers always want to pay us less, so they can have more. My manager said that, "The problem with engineering is that a lot of engineers actually enjoy their work, so why would the company want to pay you more when you are already happy." This is so true. Because people enjoy their work, they will put up with much lower salaries. But why can't we have the best of both worlds, a job we enjoy and get paid accordingly to what work we produce.

I have only been in the work force a very short amount of time, but I have learnt that you will only get something if you ask. People are not mind readers and will not do anything if they think you are happy where you are. Human resources aren't there to look out for you, they are there to cover the company's legal backside. If you think that HR will recognise that you are doing a good job and give you a pay rise, wake up. They won't know what you do in most cases, in fact, they may not even know your name. So the only way to get more money is just to ask. What is the worse outcome, you get a no. It's better to get a no than to regret and think what if. I have asked for a pay rise in the two reviews I've have done so far. Last year went well and I got a pay rise. Hopefully I can get another pay rise this year as I think I did a good job in the past year.


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