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Monday, June 04, 2007

Paintball Skirmish Part 2

I had previously gone to paintball and had a fantastic time. I was looking for another opportunity to go back and play. The problem is that it's usually quite hard to get a large group of people to go since it's quite expensive. So when our work place started a social activities club, I suggested paintball as something that we could do.

A lot of people were interested so I got the request to organise it since I had been before. I'm actually not part of the social club committee since I'm lazy and don't want to organise all the other activities. But since I actually want to go to paintball, I put in the effort and gathered enough people for 100 free paintballs. Since I had been to Paintball Games place in Coldstream last time, I decided to go to the same place as it was close and I already knew all the details and prices.

Not surprisingly, most of the attendees were male. But we did have Wei and Sue who were brave enough to join in and tough it out.

A great day was had by all and just like last time, there was so much talk between people before and after each game. It's a great activity for team bonding, as the games force you to work together, but the mere fact that you were all involved in something unique makes you talk a lot about it. This is the closest that most of us would ever (or want to) get to a real battle as we all in the movies. The realism of pain when you get hit by a paintball causes your body to fill with adrenalin and all your senses are heightened. It gives you a temporary high and makes it all the more fun.

I took a gung-ho attitude and charged out and got into the thick of the action. This meant I got shot quite a few times (with many bruises to show for it) but I also shot many people a lot of times as well. The most pain I am feeling today is in my legs. The crouching position that you take all day really causes the quad muscles to ache. When I was getting out of my chair today, I would go "ugghh" and have to push myself up with my arms. Walking down the stairs at work today was hell. Each step was so painful as I needed to use my quads to support my legs down each step. But it was all worth it for the enjoyment of yesterday and the memories that last a very long time. Everyone was still reliving yesterdays adventure today at work.


Anonymous Juz said...

why is Hari (far left) leaning behind some guy who's bending over and grimacing at the same time?

And why does Hari have a look of glee on his face?

Oh dear, Hari. Oh dear.

6/04/2007 10:08 PM  
Blogger Jonno said...

Sounds like good fun. We were wanting to organise it, but it's always hard to get everyone together... Lucky you've been running or you would've felt worse right? The scenarios from the earlier post makes it sounds all the more exciting I reckon... Did you do the same scenarios?

6/04/2007 10:10 PM  
Blogger thanh7580 said...

Juz, Hari's just giving his team mate some congratulation for a job well done haha.

Jonno, it is hard to get a big group together. Someone always pull out last minute, but luckily, even with 6 people pulling out, we still had enough people for free paintballs.

Thankfully I'm in slightly better fitness or I would probably have dropped dead.

I was too lazy to type out all the scenarios but we did redo one of them from last time and had two new ones.

We redid the "President" one from last time. This time, I happened to be the president, but unfortunately, instead of protecting me, most of my team ran off. Hence only two other team mates were helping to protect the "White House" with me. We managed to keep the attackers at bay for five minutes, but once the other two got shot, I was dead meat. I got sprayed with bullets when the other team raided the White House. When the roles were reversed, myself and another friend ended up storming the White House and killing the president. I was very proud of that as we just ran directly towards the White House without fear and surprised them and shot the president.

A new game we had was one team had to protect a flag which was hidden in one of about 10 huts. The opposing team had two lives while the defending team had one life. It was very exciting running around and hiding behind and in huts while the enemy were coming in from the sides. I made a charge on my second life straight down the road between all the huts and surprised three enemy and shot them all before I got shot at close range with about 5 bullets.

Finally, we wanted to do the protect the flag at the fort one from last time, but another group was on that course already. So instead we did this other one where there was a flag placed in the middle and opposing teams had to get the flag and take it to the other teams base. The first game turned out to be a final one on one duel in the end and our team won. The second time, we got killed while they still had three left so they won. There were lots of barricades to hide behind and there were a lot of shooting going on. I was fairly patient in the first game, but then got impatient in the second game and ran straight for the flag. I got to the last barricade before the flag, but when I jumped up to get it, got shot.

It's awesome fun, with a capital F. The fear factor and just hearing the bullets whiz past you and especially when they hit metal things is so scary. Also, when you stick your head up to take a look and then see a bullet splat you right in the face, that's an experience you have to try to know what it feels like.

6/05/2007 9:52 PM  
Anonymous Spartan Warrior said...

I should clarify the 1st round of the final game was won by the brave spartan who defeated the opposition despite being outnumbered by 4 to 1.

Unfortunately the brave spartan was betrayed his team in the second round and thus got slaughtered by the larger number of the cowardly opposition.

6/14/2007 4:56 PM  
Blogger thanh7580 said...

Brave Spartan Warrior, the story gets bigger everytime. Now its 4 to 1 is it?

As for the second round, a few of us were mighty and went for the flag and died with honour. I cannot speak for some of the more cowardly ones who hid back and did not support the warriors.

6/14/2007 6:12 PM  
Anonymous Spartan Warrior said...

Spartans enter combat with skill and strategy, using their military nous to win. The Ninja's died foolishly by being erratic, wild and making simple judgments on the battle front.

Historical documents indicate 4 to 1 is conservative estimate, the battle was actually fought with the Spartan outnumbered by around 10 to 1.

The cowardly invaders who relied on camouflage in an attempt to sneak and hide, who were also less than noble, were quickly defeated, by the powerful and intelligent Spartans....aided by the diversion given by the crazy Ninja

6/15/2007 11:08 AM  
Blogger thanh7580 said...

Spartan Warrior, historical documents are always written by the winners. I believe the documents may also mention a very brave Ninja who managed to help kill some enemies and helped to finish off the President in another battle.

As for cowards, that is not the style of the Ninja. The Ninja puts his life on the line and went full force and wrecked as much damage as he could.

Till the next time that we fight arm in arm in battle, lets start to think of some strategy so that we can win and not become a part of history but continue to make history.

6/15/2007 6:24 PM  

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