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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Paris Hilton - A Lesson In Clever Marketing

No matter what you read and watch recently, you will inevitably see something about Paris Hilton. People may say that Paris is a dumb "bottle" blonde and she definitely plays up to that in her Simple Life show. But I don't think anyone that's dumb can build a mini empire like she has. She is practically a brand name now. She has mareketed her career so well, despite not having any talents to back it up.

Yes, Paris may have been blessed by being born into a rich family, but she definitely hasn't relied purely on that. No matter how much you hate her, you must respect the brand image that she has been able to creat, through some luck but definitely with a lot of endeavour as well.

Paris may have first become famous for just being a Hollywood party girl, but now she is much more than that. In the past, she was just another comestically enhanced rich girl who partied and was seen in all the right places with the right people. But her career has lifted off since starring in her own TV show with "best friend" Nicole Ritchie. Whereas Nicole was the slightly more pratical one in the show, Paris was as dumb and Princess like as ever. She played right into that mould that people already put her in.

Her stardom stepped up another notch when a video of her, shot in night vision, hit the internet. It starred her then boyfriend, Rick Solomon, as well. In it, we get to see Paris in some other positions, and she also answers her mobile phone with a laugh, not that I've seen the video. Initially, she tried to block the video, but when it was seen that she couldn't, she instead capitcalised on it and released it officially. Her career since has not taken a step back.

Paris then capitalised on her video success and launched a clothing range, a comestics and perfume range, a movie career as well as a singing career. She sucked at the movie and sining part. I'm not sure about the perfume and cosmetic as I haven't tried them. However, being bad at all these things has not held her back. People can't help but be interested in the Paris brand and love her or loathe her, people will still give it a try.

This latest jail escapade has only helped to forever solidify her stardom. Others may say how stupid of her to get arrested again while driving without a license, but I say she is the smartest marketing person on Earth. This little jail stint, with all the media hoopla surrounding it has lifted Paris well and truly into the A-list celebrity bracket. She can demand $1 million for the first interview, and who knows what else she will be able to milk out of it. Her name has been plastered in every newspaper and TV show you can think of. Whats 23 days in a low security, well furnished room with private toilets when you think of the rewards to come. Someone chuck me in that jail for 23 days if I will definitely get $1 million out of it. That's already been done, its called Big Brother, but Paris doesn't have any other competitors.

If you have just read this and think that I'm going crazy writing such a serious essay on Paris Hilton, well, what can I do. I'm sure a million others have already slagged her off. I need to be different and put another point of view out there. It will make a few people think anyway. :-)


Blogger Girl Kae said...

i'd be particularly interested to see if she changes her ways and image after this ...homer_

6/30/2007 2:19 PM  
Blogger thanh7580 said...

Kae, well Paris has vowed to change, but that might just last as long as the time between dying her hair blonde.

And is that Homer, as in Homer the philosopher or Homer Simpson?

6/30/2007 2:44 PM  
Blogger The Oriental Express said...

Yes, I agree with you Thanh.

In a world of carbon copies, Paris Hilton is an original.

7/06/2007 1:57 AM  
Blogger thanh7580 said...

She is definitely an original, good or bad.

7/06/2007 2:24 PM  

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