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Sunday, April 26, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance Season 2 Finale

I had all intentions to blog about each episode of SYTYCD S2, and haven't done the first review I had all intentions to keep going. However, as with all good intentions, they don't always turn out the way you want. A work trip to Brisbane meant I missed two weeks of the show, and from that point on, I just didn't feel like writing about it anymore.

I still watched the show religiously though. My early favourites were Penny and Charlie. I kept supporting them every week. But when Penny got injured, something changed. The magic was lost and Charlie wasn't the same without Penny. The two of them were greater together than the sum of the parts.

Now, tonight is the finale already. Time has just flown by. Amid much dancing, I think the four best dancers have made it to the final. Ben and Amy have never really captured my attention. Previously I would have said Charlie was a certainty to win, but Talia has just timed her performances so well that she is vying for top spot.

What's my prediction. I would like to say Talia as I think her technique is superior to all of them, and also her emotions in portraying each story of the dance in the past few weeks have been the best all season. However, being a reality TV show watched mainly by young teenage girls, the old adage that girls don't vote for girls will probably hold true and Charlie should win. Whoever wins, it's been another great season of dance and I hope they have more in future.